"Replant the traditions..." w/ Dr Yoram Hazony


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Church of England vicars Jamie Franklin and Daniel French sat down to chat about the big stories in the news: the Queen's funeral (again), "far-right" evil fascists taking power in Italy, building Benedict Option style communities for the transmission of the faith and what to do when your deanery synod is populated by eco-loons.
Before all that, however, Jamie was privileged to be joined by distinguished political philosopher Dr Yoram Hazony, chair of the Edmund Burke Foundation and author of the new book 'Conservatism: A Rediscovery'. Topics included what is like to live a conservative life, the pitfalls of liberalism and Neo-Marxism, why nationalism is central to the conservative vision, whether or not Dr Hazony is a relativist, the appeal of Jordan Peterson and much much more!
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