208 – One and One Are Five: I Would Rather Cut Off Both My Feet


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I Don't Wanna Hear It Podcast
208 – One and One Are Five: I Would Rather Cut Off Both My Feet
The lists are upon us, and we shall be as one with the lists.
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Also, you should listen to our 2021 Christmas special: A Black Metal Christmas Carol, our 2022 Halloween special: Ghoulie Ghoulie Ghoul, Where Are You?, our 2022 Christmas Special: How the Stench Stole Christmas, as well as Mikey's true crime podcast, Wasteland and Shane's psychology podcast, Why We Do What We Do.
Aaannnddd... our good buddy and frequent third host Matt Moment is in a great hardcore band called Contact. Check 'em out! You can preorder their upcoming record, Before and Through and Beyond All Time right here from Patient Zero Records.

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Musical Attribution:
Licensed through NEOSounds. License information available upon request.
“5 O’Clock Shadow,” “America On the Move,” “Baby You Miss Me,” “Big Fat Gypsy,” “Bubble Up,” “C’est Chaud,” “East River Blues,” “The Gold Rush,” “Gypsy Fiddle Jazz,” “Here Comes That Jazz,” “I Wish I Could Charleston,” “I Told You,” “It Feels Like Love To Me,” “Little Tramp,” “Mornington Crescent,” “No Takeaways.”

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