Quantum Leaps vs Sustainable Growth: My $40k Sales Month


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Today we are diving into a juicy conversation about quantum leaps versus sustainable growth, and how to know what you should be aiming for in business.

Because I don’t know if you’ve noticed but “quantum leap” has become a bit of a buzzword right now in our industry.

And while quantum leaps are epic and desirable for many reasons, there’s often a lot more that goes into a “quantum leap” than what we see from the outside…and sustainable growth is often overshadowed by its bright and shiny counterpart.

What I’m going to propose to you today is that both quantum leaps AND sustainable growth are helpful in terms of creating the results you desire in your business.

And to demonstrate, I’m going to chat through my recent $40k sales month and the growth I’ve had in my Spiritual Business Mistressmind program over the last 2 years as an example.

Consider this a $40k sales month breakdown… with a twist!

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode of Feminine Fire

  • Why I’ve been hesitant to share my latest sales figures with you
  • How both quantum leaps and sustainable growth can be helpful in creating the results you desire in your business
  • The full breakdown of my $40k sales month
  • How my Spiritual Business Mistressmind has grown over the last 2 years

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