Dragons Duel | #5 - Bobbles Gobbles Vs. Helga Smashdagger


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Hello! We are back after some time off due to Twitch migration (which sounds like some sort of weird headache?)Dragons_Duel - Twitch! But this is all in aide of our End of Season One Shots! As this is the Season One finale of Gameshows; as such these characters are the end of the roster of challangers for the oneshots coming later... This episode we are joined by two guest contestants in the form of Dan aka Sneaky Barbarian & Fiona from both What Am I Rolling? & DM Book Club podcasts. We had a very chill and fun time with them, which was a nice restbit after the chaos of Dice & Desire! So I hope you enjoy and prepare yourself for our end of season shows coming in May!!!
You can find our guests twitter handles here:
Fiona - @WAIR_podcast
Dan - @sneakybarbarian
This weeks games are then as follows:
1 - Strength: Mindflayer Mathletics!
2 - Dexterity: Who's The Rogue? What's a Rogue? Shit! Where'd The Rogue Go?
3 - Constitution: Counterspell
4 - Intelligence: Mordenkainen's Foamy Toes
5 - Wisdom: Once Upon A Time...
6 - Charisma: Celebrity Polymorph
So now our adventuring parties are made we will be heading into our series of 3 one-shots where in the first the guest characters will be together taking on White Plume Mountain. The 2nd will be the home characters doing the same. They will be underleveled and powered to the challenges ahead, so whomever is left from each, will be taken into the Grand Finale Episode; where last one standing wins the title of Ultimate Dragon Lord Supreme of season 1!
We want you to be on the Show though still for Season 2!!! So if you want to be a part of the show yourself, or want to get in touch about anything, you can find us at:
Dragons Duel - @Dragonsduel

Hamilton (DM)
- @DM_Doesnt

Ryan (RhinoTek)
- @Rhino_Tek
Izzy Rebels - @BrainAdvPodcast
or... Email us at dragonsduelpodcast@gmail.com
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