Dogman Encounters Episode 400 (Special 400th Episode)


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It’s hard to believe that tonight marks the 400th episode of Dogman Encounters. It seems like just yesterday when I was prepping Episode 1 to air, on August 22nd, of 2015.
Due to tonight’s show being the 400th episode, it’s going to have a different format than most episodes. Instead of interviewing the guests, on tonight’s show, I’m going to air their encounters without asking them any questions, on tonight’s show.
Tonight’s 1st guest, Scott Matthews, had his 1st Dogman encounter while he was hunting chestnuts, with his brother and a friend, when he was 7 years old, just outside the Village of Wherstead, in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. He had a 2nd encounter several years later that was much more traumatic though.
Tonight’s 2nd guest, Barry, has had multiple Dogman Encounters, but Dogmen aren’t the only cryptids he’s had encounters with. You see, While Barry has had quite a few encounters with Dogmen, he’s had many more encounters with Sasquatch than he’s had with Dogmen. On tonight’s show, Barry’s going to share all of his Dogman encounters with you, but later tonight, at 11 PM Eastern Time, I’m also going to air an episode of My Bigfoot Sighting, where he talks about some of the experiences he’s had with Bigfoot. It’s Episode 43 of My Bigfoot Sighting. Here's a link to it...
If you'd like to listen to tonight's episode of My Paranormal Experience, titled, "Oh My God! I Just Saw a 9-Foot Tall Catman!," here's a link to it...
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