Loneliness is a Warm Gun


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Loneliness is a Warm Gun

by Dwayne Bunney

This is a short story I originally started to write as a project for a creative writing evening class I was attending. At that time I had been quite obessed about the details surrounding the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, and this story, in a way, was a result of my complete lack of comprehension of the crime.

I structured it deliberately in episodic form (3 parts), and when an opportunity came to pitch it to Big Finish, I inserted the characters of the 5th Doctor and Nyssa (who I swapped the original character "Mary" for). The Doctor Who version was never completed as a pitch only consists of a synopsis and 1 page of story.

But here is the original story without the Doctor Who elements. I hope you like it.

This also gives me the opportunity to change the title back to the name I originally intended, because when the text version was published, the publisher insisted on changing the name to Loneliness "OR" a Warm Gun. I was never happy with that. I'm big on story names and I had a very specific reason why I chose this one. Yes, I stole it from The Beatles.

Please visit the Big Finish website to grab your free copy of this years winning entry into the Paul Spragg writers opportunity. https://www.bigfinish.com/

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