Why customer data is still king w/ Kazuki Ohta


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In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy talks to Kazuki “Kaz” Ohta the CEO at Treasure Data, a leading customer data platform.

Kaz moved to America without even knowing how to speak English, where he overcame this obstacle and majored in computer science. During that time, his professor built the world’s faster supercomputer (essentially 500K computers combined into one), and Kaz was part of the team that built the file system.

A long-time open source advocate, Kaz has made numerous contributions to open source software and was instrumental in developing the open-source applications Fluentd, Embulk, and Messagepack.

In his free time, Kaz enjoys building up his sake collection (importing cases from Japan every month), and during the pandemic, he learned how to properly cut sashimi-style sushi (Maguro O Toro is my favorite). In addition, Kaz is also really deep into gaming, specifically Fortnite!

In this episode Kaz shares why enterprise business leaders believe in CX, but can’t deliver it, how to create connected customer experiences and why it's a key part of navigating today’s challenging economic climate, and where CEOs need to be focusing their leadership energy and skills right now.

To get in touch with Kaz contact him on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kazukiohta/

For more information on Treasure Data and the work they do visit - https://www.treasuredata.com/

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