58: Grocery Industry Challenges: How regional grocers can respond


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Coming off a 3 part series exploring recent macro economic grocery trends, hosts Sylvain Perrier and Mark Fairhurst, are joined by Michael Davidson, President and CEO, Buehler's Fresh Foods.

On this podcast episode, Sylvain, Mike and Mark discuss how regional retailers are handling the changes in the grocery industry, while competing against larger, national grocery retailers and mass merchandisers.

Some of the key topics covered include: what regional retailers are doing to minimize the inflation impact on customers, how grocers are dealing with labor shortages, the shifting consumer preferences with the grocery industry due to inflation, the current economic climate and how retailers might adjust their plans for 2023. Further the trio discuss the possibility of a recession in 2023 and the major challenges needing to be overcome by grocers. Finally, they end the episode with a great segment on what grocery retailers do to encourage consumers to stay loyal in the current economic environment.

The conversation is informative and provides insights into how regional grocers are responding to challenges like inflation and possible recession. So, listen in now!

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