Apple Mixed Reality Headset, SEC Going After Creators, Royalty On NFTs? +more | Crypto Vibes EP 31


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You have probably heard, beg for forgiveness rather than ask permission?

In the world of NFTs, crypto, blockchain and web3, that may not be possible.

We may have to take a web2 approach with a web3 backend until things can be adopted by the powers that be.

Week 41, Year 2022, Episode 31.

(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:22) Show intro

(00:00:57) Disclosures

(00:01:09) Metaverse and regulation thoughts

(00:02:55) Apple Mixed Reality

(00:03:09) Mark Zuckerberg on Decoder Podcast

(00:03:34) Microsoft industrial metaverse team

(00:04:01) Coinbase plus Google

(00:04:59) Magic Eden losing marketshare

(00:06:00) TikTok ecom fulfillment

(00:06:53) SEC is going after more creators

(00:07:39) Mango

(00:08:22) Portugal not so crypto friendly

(00:08:48) Binance 500 million mining pool

(00:09:03) EU pass landmark crypto regulation

(00:09:11) Huobi sells 100 percent stake

(00:09:21) Board Ape Fraud in France

(00:09:27) Binance still backing Musk for Twitter

(00:09:40) CoinShare Twitter Bot for NFT value

(00:09:47) Beeple physical NFT gallery

(00:10:13) In closing


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