The Sylvia Likens Case: The Infamous Indiana Torture Slaying


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Criminal Behaviorology The Sylvia Likens Case: The Infamous Indiana Torture Slaying The murder of Sylvia Likens is one of the most horrific cases on record. In July of 1965, Sylvia and her younger sister Jenny Likens moved into the home of Gertrude Baniszewski, to be cared for while their parents were working out of state. On October 26th, 1965, 16-year old Sylvia Likens succumbed to injuries from months of humiliation, neglect and torture. In this podcast, we examine the details of the case, and seek to understand the mental, emotional and behavioral factors culminating is such crimes.

Show Highlights:

- The shocking facts of the case: From a seemingly normal babysitting job to unspeakable acts of abuse.

- The children of the household committed acts violence under the direction of their sadistic mother, as did children from the surrounding neighborhood.

- The failure of the authorities on every level to intervene on the crimes committed against the Likens girls.

- Testimony of experts regarding the perpetrators’ actions.

- Convictions and sentencing.

- The troublesome question of insanity.

- Can a case like this be understood? Different viewpoints regarding crime, the environment and criminal responsibility.

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