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  1. Carl's launch into business Part 8

Hi everyone, Carl Gould here with your #70secondCEO. Just a little over a one minute investment every day for a lifetime of results.

And my subsequent setback was not going to define my downfall. There was no way. There was no way at all. I was going to let this define me, right? So I had to pull myself back up, I had to create a plan to move forward, right? So what was my plan? I had to figure out how I could make money. I needed a job or business or something. And I wasn't really thinking business, I was actually thinking more job. But I knew how to do a couple of things. I grew up in the construction industry on both sides of the family. My uncle Joe had a construction company, my brother Dan had a contracting company, and my uncle Nate was a contractor as well. So I had examples on both sides of the family about that. But I also did landscaping work, which I really enjoyed during my high school summers. And I had gone out on proposals, I ran the crews at times, so I was pretty confident I knew what to do. So I worked for a design build firm during high school, and I decided that's what I was going to do. Right. So you know, what was funny was that a tipping point that made me think that I could actually do it was right before I went to college, my boss used to send me out on proposals. And he would say to me, Hey, take this proposal down there and see that third house done that yeah, that's Mrs. Smith. She's expecting somebody to drop off the proposal just asked her which part of the proposal you know she wants to get started on when the start date is and she's got a deposit check for you.

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