Julia Clarke knew @ 8yrs old what she wanted to be...And is still doing& enjoying it 40+yrs later


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What are you going to do now that are all grown up? This is a question that we all ask at some point (or maybe many points) in our career. This week's podcast is with Julia Clarke who discovered at the age of 8 what she wanted to "be" when she grew up. Julia was one of the first 21 woman commercial pilots, she became the first female Captain for Northwest Airlines. Julia is in the Aerobatic Hall of Fame. She shared how she followed through, on her early career discovery.

One of my interests is airplanes and airs hows. I first connected with Julia at an air show and was impressed with her story. She is a twin, her twin played with Barbies, and she played with airplanes. She spent most of her youth around airports and airplanes. Her fascination stalled (pun intended) when she took the practical path and decided to become a teacher. She quickly discovered that wasn't really what she wanted to do. She shared, "I credit may Dad with supporting me, I really didn't want to be a teacher in a classroom. I really wanted to fly." She worked as a flight attendant for 9 yrs. and held 2 part time jobs, to pay for her commercial flying hours and licenses. She easily could have stayed the safe practical route, there was all kinds of opposition, busyness, time, money, not to mention the fact there were no woman commercial pilots then. Listening and following through with what she really wanted to do, led to a great. In today's world, economic and job security are only found in places where people are great at what they do.

This week's workout - What do you really want to do?

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Doing what I really want to do, along the road with you!


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