Back in Britain #2 | British Pubs with Caine (Normally in Fuzhou) | Plus: "A Slice of Derbyshire Life" with Alfred Chocolate Yumyum the Cat


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The end of March consisted mostly of snow, an art exhibition, a trip to Derby and Nottingham, and the Derby Telegraph. I'm now over jet-lag and enjoying catching up with old friends and new sights. As I go through the local Derby newspaper, Alfred Chocolate Yumyum is with me once again, although largely silent. Must discuss his voiceover rate. These actors...
...Oh, and I have a job interview on my birthday. Worth mentioning in the interview?
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I reference a book mentioned in the newspaper, it's called "I Wanna Tell You My Story" by Denise 'Denbo' Bowles, which you can find on Amazon.
You can find Caine, as always, on his Youtube channel 'Videos By Caine'.
Alfred Chocolate Yumyum the Cat is working on his solo career.

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