A 'Shallow Dive' Into St. George's Day, with Caine (normally in Fuzhou, China)


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This week, I talk to Caine (normally in Fuzhou) about St. George's Day, which is coming very soon. It is often taken as a celebration of English culture and identity. But, who was St. George, where was he from, why is he important to the English, and how can you celebrate this special day?
We ask "Does it matter that St. George wasn't English?" and I feel we get a definitive answer.
Check out Caine's Youtube channel, called 'Videos by Caine', lots of interesting new content coming, which he gives a sneak peak of in this episode. Also, if you haven't already, check out his previous contributions to this podcast, such as the Deep Dives into... Tea, Ink (British Tattoo Culture), Christmas and British Men's Wardrobes.
Again, that's: www.youtube.com/VideosByCaine
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