People on the Move | You Can't Control It, July 18, 2021


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2 Samuel 7:1-14a
July 18, 2021
David was able to control God just as much as I can prevent the movement of God with a well-placed Bible on a table. No matter how hard David tried, no matter how hard we try we are unable to domesticate, to control, to keep at bay the movement and presence of God. This section of 2 Samuel is titled “God’s Covenant with David” with God being the center of the story and not the actions of David no matter how well-intended or pious David’s actions were.
Introduced in this oracle to Nathan was the unconditional grace of God to Israel, the bedrock of hope, securing the hope of David and his people even when they turned away from God. God would raise up a house out of David’s name. David’s son will raise a temple, a house for the Lord, and ultimately the messianic hopes of all creation would bear David's name. Jesus would be born into David's line, bearing his name, establishing the house of God as the cornerstone, built upon the witness of the prophets and the apostles.
This is the kingdom, the Kingdom of God, we saw inaugurated in Bethlehem.
It was the kingdom, the Kingdom of God, that could not be broken by the pains of the cross and the separation of death.
And it is the kingdom, the Kingdom of God, Christ promises will be fully realized, by all of creation. All of creation repenting, turning back towards God and away from the security promised to us by power and lifestyle.
God’s Kingdom cannot be contained, manipulated, or used to legitimize anything other than the reign of God in Jesus Christ.

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