Podcast 318: Andrea Mazzariello


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I got to know Andrea Mazzariello fairly soon after I moved to Northfield Minnesota. I saw him perform his one-man performance project at a local theater, and hung around after to talk. Things led to other things, and we started talking about Max, playing drone bits in his basement and more.

This podcast was prodded into action by a release party for his new album, which dropped at the end of February. This piece - Make A Wish Then Build A Ladder (https://www.onemorerevolution.com/am-jt) features something new for Andrea - working with another percussionist. In our discussion, he talks about that decision, how he translates this back to working a live/solo show, and how it helps him cope with the stresses of creating his work.

But we talk about a lot of other stuff as well. I mean, who remembers the old Brother MIDI Sequencer? Well, Andrea does, because that was his starting point for electronic music. Who is willing to talk about the affordances - both positive and negative - of modern software? Andrew is. I appreciated his candor about both his own experience and the difficulties he's faced over the years. If I've come to know anything about Andrea, it's that he is a brave soul.

Enjoy! And check out his work on his website: https://www.andreamazzariello.com/. For Patreon patrons, I have more information about the podcast interview, and even an except from his book.

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