How You Can Make Use Of Extra Home In Your Home


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What? Did you buy a new home? Congratulations! When you are new in the city it becomes difficult to find a dream home. And this where experienced real estate developer like Alister Toma play a key role. A real estate developer can help you in buying a house, but how you transform it into a home is all depend on you and your creative skills.

So what you can do if you have extra room in your home? Let’s find out.

Gym at home

Every month you promise to yourself that you will join a gym and every month you break your promise. And it may be because you find it lazy going to the gym or you hate the crowded gym. If this is the reason you don’t prefer to step out of your home for a workout, why don’t you make a gym at home? You can use your extra room to make it a perfect gym as per your need. All you need is some weights, a yoga mat, some machines, and a few other types of equipment. In the end, this is how you can transform your vacant room into something useful.

Meditation room

Do you like spending some time alone? If you prefer some alone time away from the crowd and noise, especially after the hectic day, you can use your vacant room as a contemplation room. Here you can some time with yourself and your thoughts or you can do meditation if you like it. You can decorate it with white curtains and furniture, including pillows and blankets (if needed). And this is how you can create a space where you can meditate, relax, or simply read a book while sipping coffee and listening to slow music.


If you have kids at home, you can use a vacant room for them as a playroom where they can play all day and night without creating a mess in the rest of the house. You can store all the toys in the room, paint the walls with chalkboard paint so if they write on a wall you can get upset. In short, create their own separate space and allow them to play, enjoy, and have fun.


If you are a book lover, you must have a dream of having your own small library in your home. Right? So, why don’t you use your extra vacant room and create it as a library? Yeah! Just install bookshelves from wall to ceiling, add comfortable couches, and also add rugs in a room to make it comfy and beautiful space. Just imagine, a bookshelf with your favorite books, a comfy chair, a mug of coffee, and slow music, what more you could ask for?

Entertainment center

Are you movie buff or love playing PlayStation with your buddies? You can use your extra room and create it as an entertainment center. All you need to add a reclining chair, sectional couch, and big flat screen television to enjoy the perfect movie theatre feel. In addition, you can use dark color curtains, dark paint, and dark food to give it a theater touch. Once it is ready, just invite your friends and enjoy a movie marathon or your favorite sports on your TV.

Final Thoughts

These are the few good tips for the real estate developer Alister Toma that you can use to transform your empty room into something useful. If you use your creative skills in a better way you can make this room unique and a special one. So are you ready to add beauty to your home? Do write to us below in the comment box.

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