EP 21: Struggles In Life of An Engineer Mom That Built Her Podcast Management Career


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Are you an OFW who's longing to be with your family in the Philippines?

Are you tired of doing physical jobs and curious to transition to working from home?

Do you want to pursue a career in podcasting but don't know where and how to start?

In these changing times, we really need to learn how to adapt; otherwise, we would be left behind.

But how do you do that? By following Ce's roadmap and how she prepared for life's changes and challenges.

In this episode, she shares her journey from a conflicted wife/first-time mom/licensed civil engineer to a successful agency owner/podcaster/mentor by simply embracing herself as an empowered mom.

About the Guest:

Cecilia Mercado-Mojica is a former OFW wife and a former Civil Engineer working in a Quadruple “A” Construction Company who became a podcast agency owner and one of the sought-after mentors of ValuePod Productions.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode:

  • Find out how to start your podcast management career using free resources from Podcast VA School and The ValuePODcast Show
  • Discover the secret sauce to freelancing
  • Learn from her struggles in her WFH career and how it all shifted once she changed “earning money” to “learning skills” as her motivation

Check out these episode highlights:

(04:30) - Why Ce felt torn between being a first-time mom and a successful Civil Engineer

(07:23) - The one painful line her husband said to her and the opportunity that made his fear disappear

(09:29) - The ultimate decision Ce had to make for the sake of her family

(10:10) - The traces and clues that led her to her breakthrough in freelancing

(11:36) - Why she pursued having a WFH career

(12:56) - Her struggles in her WFH career and how it all shifted once she changed “earning money” to “learning skills” as her motivation

(15:24) - Realizations when her husband lost his job overseas

(17:14) - The two things that made Ce fall in love with Podcast Service

(19:16) - What made her let go her OFW Life

(22:56) - What helped Ce become the bravest introvert in the industry?

(26:03) - How finding about Ce and Eloi inspired me to try to dream again

(30:38) - What ValuePod Mentoring Program is, its mission, and who it's for

(34:53) - Why Ce thinks podcast services is perfect for military spouses, moms, and veterans as a career

(37:32) - The secret sauce to freelancing

(38:34) - How to start your podcast management career through Podcast VA School

(40:29) - What to expect from ValuePod Mentoring Bootcamp

(42:24) - What they share on The ValuePODcast Show

Connect with Ce Mojica-Mercado - Co-founder of ValuePod Productions and Podcast VA School by ValuePod:

Connect with Mami Redj:

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