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A different kind of fun and games with Todd Leabo and Kurtis Seaboldt diving in to the Royals, the NBA draft and Jayhawk success stories for local guys, College World Series, fun trivia, and much more!Danny Clinkscale
A rare form of cancer knocked Blair Kerkhoff for a loop in late 2021, but recovery has gone well and we catch up with the award winning KC Star writer now, and revisit our engaging and enjoyable profile from a couple of years back.Danny Clinkscale
As engaging and eclectic as ever, the music discussion views concerts, events, documentaries, and personalities including McCartney, Brian Wilson, The Rolling Stones, Marty Stuart, Top of The Pops, and even hockey history. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
It’s Father’s Day Weekend and the banter battle has big events left and right to dive into. World Cup, World Champs, NBA greats arguments, U.S. Open, and….well, then there’s the Royals. Toss in trivia and laughs for good measure!Danny Clinkscale
A perfect time to celebrate soccer in KC with an engaging conversation with Sporting Legend Davy Arnaud, whose grit and determination highlights a path from small town to small school to big star in MLS.Danny Clinkscale
The couples view of life has big events personal and observational on the plate. Anniversaries, proposals, small towns and big cities, the Tony Awards, concerts, and other smiles in the mix.Danny Clinkscale
Both the Royals and Sporting Kansas City continue to struggle to find any traction, a little Chiefs chat, a fascinating golf weekend, a big night in the NBA looms, as do the NHL Finals, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
The weekly banter battle has plenty on the plate with the Big 12 expansion becoming reality, a little Royals surge, PGA Tour suspensions up for grabs and gabs.Danny Clinkscale
Full circle with the KSHB 41 meteorologist, catching up on the week of his retirement announcement, and reprising our fascinating life journey conversation from early 2020. An amazing look back, and a peek at what lies ahead.Danny Clinkscale
The buddies banter session rolls out the usual fun, facts, games and laughs. Concerts, anniversaries, food, films, music, church camp, the beer ratings, sports, and lots of other manic detours in a laugh-filled mix. Salut!Danny Clinkscale
Favorite bands were a part of celebrations and enjoyable getaways for the hosts and part of a mix that includes The War on Drugs, Belle and Sebastian, Taylor Hawkins and the rigors of touring, Mark Knopfler, musical family memories, and more.Danny Clinkscale
A concert, a milestone anniversary, and a bevy of sports topics on Danny's plate today. Royals and MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer nations, Nadal, The War on Drugs, Cottonwood Falls, KS (?), and more in a heady mix.Danny Clinkscale
A fascinating childhood and an unlikely rocky road to NFL stardom make for quite a tale from the Chiefs Hall of Famer, full of big personalities and twists and turns.Danny Clinkscale
The couples view of life looks at their impending 20th anniversary, a day at the museum, concerts just past and ahead, a riveting documentary, a home calamity, Willy the puppy, and more.Danny Clinkscale
Memorial Day weekend absolutely means honoring those who served, but is also jam packed with myriad sports events. Royals, SKC, Champions League, Indy 500 and other motor sports, NBA, NHL, Golf, heck…NCAA women’s lacrosse. Let’s dig in.Danny Clinkscale
The always lively banter battle has it in high gear with the Royals murky but fascinating state, diving into NBA blowouts, Sporting KC, and fun stories and trivia to boot.Danny Clinkscale
Approaching a quarter century of morning show entertainment at KFKF, Dale’s radio journey started as an Indiana teenager and shows no signs of slowing down. A vibrant and enjoyable conversation.Danny Clinkscale
The buddies banter session over beverages with the regular fact check and beer rating, plus informative and fun detours to family film time, baby boom, Chiefs tales, golf, soccer, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
Another informative and enjoyable edition features edgy artists, iconic figures, and milestones. Included in the mix Billie Eilish, David Byrne, Bruce Springsteen, Orville Peck, David Letterman, driving songs, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
The Royals hit the quarter pole with a thud as they search for hope, the PGA Championship is full of crash and burn for most and smiles for Justin Thomas, Sporting is gritty, the Premier League provides closing drama, some NBA, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
We lost a great one far too soon when William Jewell legend Larry Holley passed unexpectedly last week. Over 900 coaching wins, yes, but so much more. His amazing life and times are chronicled here in this engaging conversation from August of 2020.Danny Clinkscale
We lost a great one too soon when William Jewell legend Larry Holley passed unexpectedly last week. Over 900 coaching wins, yes, but so much more. His amazing life and times are chronicled here in this engaging conversation from August of 2020.Danny Clinkscale
A lively conversation with Leslie Broecker about her decades of promoting theater, the challenges of touring companies, and a wonderful lineup in KC for the upcoming season.Danny Clinkscale
One inning provides some Royals relief, it’s gloomy for Sporting, the NBA and NHL provide seventh game narratives, NASCAR hits town, it’s a major week in golf, and more!Danny Clinkscale
The weekly banter battle is diving deep into the NFL schedule and the difficult hand dealt to the Chiefs, heaving deep sighs as the Royals flounder, and having trivia fun as well.Danny Clinkscale
The Royals Director of Groundskeeping for almost three decades is headed to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, a fitting tribute to dedication and hard work in a story he tells in absorbing and enjoyable fashion.Danny Clinkscale
The always informative and opinionated discussion looks at the off-center 2022 Rock Hall of Fame class, the loss of Naomi Judd, young women of color in folkish music areas, the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
The Royals continue to tread water at best, while Sporting KC slowly works toward momentum. A cool bit of Derby history on Saturday, and playoff parity in the NHL and NBA.Danny Clinkscale
The weekly banter fest zeroes in on the continuing Royals troubles, the aftermath of the Chiefs draft, and some draft history fun, a little PGA tour drama, and the usual fun detours.Danny Clinkscale
Fascinated by weather and aviation from the youngest age, Johnny turned childhood passions into a lifetime of entertaining and informing Kansas Citians as a disc jockey and traffic reporter on the ground and in the air.Danny Clinkscale
Another fun edition of the couples banter session casts a wide net from the “Birds Aren’t Real” parody protests to the enduring treasure of Jimmy Stewart, to the simple joy of flowers, concert fun, always and never, and more. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
The Chiefs covered bases and maybe cleared them in a strong-looking draft, Sporting KC got another half loaf, and it’s getting late early for the Royals after another sweep.Danny Clinkscale
A career Mike stumbled into has been a gift for radio listeners, Royals fans, and many others. The Kansas City native has done it all with flair and a great sense of humor. Fabulous stories and memories told with style and a smile.Danny Clinkscale
The always engaging and informative conversation is eclectic as ever with farewell tours, retrospective releases, one hit wonders, and more. Wilco, Nico Case, The B5s, Duran Duran, new music, and other detours. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
The Royals are officially a problem, Sporting KC is close although being a fan is still lots of fun, it's Chiefs and NFL draft week, and much more. Dig in and enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
Bob’s unlikely journey to hosting iconic music programs on Kansas Public Radio and in live settings is as fascinating a story as many musical ones he brings to light on those platforms. He has been following heart and passion over a standard path for decades on “Trail Mix”, :Jazz in the Night” and more.…
The buddies banter session over beers returns after a short hiatus and brings it strong. The regular beer ratings, concerts, travel, the Chiefs, Royals Opening Day chill are on the docket, as well as the always demanded fact check. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
The couples view of life tackles dedication in artistry with personal views on singing and performing, looks at a film or two, provides an update on the life and times of puppy Willy, and much more!Danny Clinkscale
The Royals hit a good spot for a pulse check with two days off, some cool baseball notes, Sporting KC’s early season dive continues, a revival for Jordan Spieth, and more.Danny Clinkscale
The weekly banter battle is diving into early season analysis on the Royals and Sporting KC, as well as looking ahead to Chiefs needs in the draft, a little music, trivia and more!Danny Clinkscale
A delightful revisit of our conversation with the voice of the Royals since their inception. Denny played college football after never playing in high school, and his first baseball game on the radio was in the major leagues. Just two examples of a remarkable and fascinating life story we visit here with the fifty plus year voice of the Kansas City…
Chock full as always with classic album anniversaries, Grammy reflections, documentaries, and a look ahead to summer events. Alt-J, Garth Brooks, Rock Hall concerts, BTS, Jon Batiste, Peter Gabriel, REM, and much more in the mix.Danny Clinkscale
There was plenty to digest as a packed weekend played out. The Masters with big story lines and great performances if not drama, the Royals mixed start, Sporting woes and spicy Vermes, a KU parade, the NBA, and many notes to explore. Dig in!Danny Clinkscale
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