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Substitute summer hijinks as Danny joins Todd Leabo and Kurtis Seaboldt for some fun and offbeat opinions, trivia, and laughs. Chiefs, Royals, Pro golf wars, Vin Scully, and more in the mix. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
A busy time right now for the Negro Leagues Museum’s President, as Buck O’Neil finally gets the Hall's call. We chat with him about that, and then reprise his fascinating profile conversation from a couple years back.Danny Clinkscale
The always informative and entertaining music discussion weighs in on historic times at Newport Folk, docs with legends, major ticket issues, touring strain and more. In focus Springsteen, Petty, Joni Mitchell, Brandi Carlisle, Sarah Jarosz, Austin City Limits, and many others. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
Danny joins Todd Leabo and Kurtis Seaboldt for some Program fun and games with Chiefs camp and Clark Hunt stadium and uniform opinions, the Royals, Sporting KC, and always enjoyable detours.Danny Clinkscale
The Philadelphia native has been a success every step of the way, using talent and a desire to do the right thing to become a major league star and a longtime standout in the broadcast booth.Danny Clinkscale
The couples view of life life ponders possible travel destinations, and looks at the pleasures of new musical discoveries, the vagaries of reading tastes, the guilty pleasure of the soap opera, and more. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
The Royals have a feel-good weekend out of the All-Star break, Buck O'Neil get his due at the Hall, Sporting's woes continue, and a little Chiefs camp and golf angst to boot. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
The weekly banter battle takes a lighthearted approach to the start of training camp, quite a bit more pointed at the Royals second half, brings enjoyable trivia and interesting detours.Danny Clinkscale
Overcoming a devastating accident as a child, Alan became a multi-sport star in his youth, a two-sport college All American, as a goalkeeper, one of the standout players in U.S. Pro Soccer of the 70’s and 80’s, and a member of six Halls of Fame, A remarkable journey brightly told.Danny Clinkscale
The always informative and enjoyable musical excursion cruises into concert memories of Sheryl Crow, The Killers, The Warped Tour, Queen, and others. Documentaries good, and not so, with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, steamy summer tales, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
Baseball hits the All-Star break with various intriguing stories here with the Royals and around MLB, an epic Open championship sees an underdog steal the show magnificently, Sporting has a dud, the Chiefs creep towards camp, and much more!Danny Clinkscale
Rolling out another spicy edition on the weekly banter battle. Royals turmoil, much the same with Orlando Brown, and some golf major history banter to boot. Come on aboard!Danny Clinkscale
A fascinating chat with Gene Fox. A self-described ragamuffin who left a difficult childhood behind to creatively chart every step in a career in newspaper and television reporting, conservation, and more. Filled with stars and stories, and told with aplomb.Danny Clinkscale
Three good friends sit down and try the impossible, putting their favorite movies in three categories, Finest Films, Favorites, and Guilty pleasures. Too many to really categorize perfectly, but an enjoyable enterprise to spark some memories and discussion.Danny Clinkscale
A week before the All-Star break, a check-in with the Royals with chats with Matheny and Benintendi, Sporting bags an unlikely but welcome road win, Wimbledon highlights greatness, and silly golf times in Tahoe, and in the real thing the lead up to The Open.Danny Clinkscale
The weekly banter battle is clicking in on the Royals needing to face realities, Rafael Nadal and toughness and championship mettle, LIV golf absurdities, trivia fun, and good laughs.Danny Clinkscale
A fascinating conversation with Bill Hartnett. The Blue Springs native has been integral in myriad productions in Kansas City and around the world, with Starlight Theater, Universal Studios, the Kansas City Ballet, Plaza Lighting Ceremony, Symphony of the Flint Hills, and much more as part of a remarkable story chronicled with style.…
We are chock full of great documentary recommendations and other lively conversation. Featuring Muscle Shoals, inspired drummers, the Nashville songwriting scene, and much more. Steve Winwood, Pink, Keith Richard, Lucinda Williams, Kasey Musgraves, Keb Mo, Cream, and others part of the mix. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
A festive 4th to all. Our sports landscape on the weekend featured some fairly upbeat Royals times, total frustration on a milestone night for Peter Vermes and Sporting, some golf notes, Wimlbedon, and a bit more. Come on along!Danny Clinkscale
The banter battle is in session again as college sports programs are on the move once again. The fallout and future there nationally and for our local schools, and also checking in on the Royals, some trivia, and good fun!Danny Clinkscale
a timely and enjoyable conversation with Dani Welniak highlighting an amazing trail of accomplishment for a still young lady from pro football to television to her new challenge with the Kansas City Current women’s pro soccer team, all with faith and family in focus. It weaves an amazing conversation.…
The buddies banter session over beers is spanning the globe and the centuries with facts and fictions on Imperial Russia, Sparta, Council Grove, KS, Converse Chuck Taylor’s, vintage film stars, TV Guide, birthdays, and more. Salut to fun!Danny Clinkscale
A look at the new film "The Phantom of The Open" highlighting the story of middle-aged dreamer Maurice Flitcroft, who somehow plays the 1976 British Open qualifier, despite barely having played the game. Mark Rylance and Sally Hawkins shine in this funny, touching, and inspiring little film.Danny Clinkscale
Flush with topics after a neat weekend. There's big emotions, Big Slick, little victories and real big ones, wrenching losses, a sweet film, and more packed into an extra fun mix. Royals, Sporting, Golf, Stanley Cup, and even more!Danny Clinkscale
A different kind of fun and games with Todd Leabo and Kurtis Seaboldt diving in to the Royals, the NBA draft and Jayhawk success stories for local guys, College World Series, fun trivia, and much more!Danny Clinkscale
A rare form of cancer knocked Blair Kerkhoff for a loop in late 2021, but recovery has gone well and we catch up with the award winning KC Star writer now, and revisit our engaging and enjoyable profile from a couple of years back.Danny Clinkscale
As engaging and eclectic as ever, the music discussion views concerts, events, documentaries, and personalities including McCartney, Brian Wilson, The Rolling Stones, Marty Stuart, Top of The Pops, and even hockey history. Enjoy!Danny Clinkscale
It’s Father’s Day Weekend and the banter battle has big events left and right to dive into. World Cup, World Champs, NBA greats arguments, U.S. Open, and….well, then there’s the Royals. Toss in trivia and laughs for good measure!Danny Clinkscale
A perfect time to celebrate soccer in KC with an engaging conversation with Sporting Legend Davy Arnaud, whose grit and determination highlights a path from small town to small school to big star in MLS.Danny Clinkscale
The couples view of life has big events personal and observational on the plate. Anniversaries, proposals, small towns and big cities, the Tony Awards, concerts, and other smiles in the mix.Danny Clinkscale
Both the Royals and Sporting Kansas City continue to struggle to find any traction, a little Chiefs chat, a fascinating golf weekend, a big night in the NBA looms, as do the NHL Finals, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
The weekly banter battle has plenty on the plate with the Big 12 expansion becoming reality, a little Royals surge, PGA Tour suspensions up for grabs and gabs.Danny Clinkscale
Full circle with the KSHB 41 meteorologist, catching up on the week of his retirement announcement, and reprising our fascinating life journey conversation from early 2020. An amazing look back, and a peek at what lies ahead.Danny Clinkscale
The buddies banter session rolls out the usual fun, facts, games and laughs. Concerts, anniversaries, food, films, music, church camp, the beer ratings, sports, and lots of other manic detours in a laugh-filled mix. Salut!Danny Clinkscale
Favorite bands were a part of celebrations and enjoyable getaways for the hosts and part of a mix that includes The War on Drugs, Belle and Sebastian, Taylor Hawkins and the rigors of touring, Mark Knopfler, musical family memories, and more.Danny Clinkscale
A concert, a milestone anniversary, and a bevy of sports topics on Danny's plate today. Royals and MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer nations, Nadal, The War on Drugs, Cottonwood Falls, KS (?), and more in a heady mix.Danny Clinkscale
A fascinating childhood and an unlikely rocky road to NFL stardom make for quite a tale from the Chiefs Hall of Famer, full of big personalities and twists and turns.Danny Clinkscale
The couples view of life looks at their impending 20th anniversary, a day at the museum, concerts just past and ahead, a riveting documentary, a home calamity, Willy the puppy, and more.Danny Clinkscale
Memorial Day weekend absolutely means honoring those who served, but is also jam packed with myriad sports events. Royals, SKC, Champions League, Indy 500 and other motor sports, NBA, NHL, Golf, heck…NCAA women’s lacrosse. Let’s dig in.Danny Clinkscale
The always lively banter battle has it in high gear with the Royals murky but fascinating state, diving into NBA blowouts, Sporting KC, and fun stories and trivia to boot.Danny Clinkscale
Approaching a quarter century of morning show entertainment at KFKF, Dale’s radio journey started as an Indiana teenager and shows no signs of slowing down. A vibrant and enjoyable conversation.Danny Clinkscale
The buddies banter session over beverages with the regular fact check and beer rating, plus informative and fun detours to family film time, baby boom, Chiefs tales, golf, soccer, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
Another informative and enjoyable edition features edgy artists, iconic figures, and milestones. Included in the mix Billie Eilish, David Byrne, Bruce Springsteen, Orville Peck, David Letterman, driving songs, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
The Royals hit the quarter pole with a thud as they search for hope, the PGA Championship is full of crash and burn for most and smiles for Justin Thomas, Sporting is gritty, the Premier League provides closing drama, some NBA, and much more.Danny Clinkscale
We lost a great one far too soon when William Jewell legend Larry Holley passed unexpectedly last week. Over 900 coaching wins, yes, but so much more. His amazing life and times are chronicled here in this engaging conversation from August of 2020.Danny Clinkscale
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