Is Encryption Becoming More Important to the U.S. Gov? Paul Lekas, Head of Global Public Policy, Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) - E92


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On this week’s episode of The Encrypted Economy, our guest is Paul Lekas, Head of Global Public Policy at the Software & Information Industry Association (SSIA). We discussed current legislative efforts prioritizing privacy and privacy-enhancing technologies, as well as the implications of sanctioning code versus individuals. Be sure to subscribe to The Encrypted Economy for more insight on the adoption of privacy-enhancing tech and data security.

Topics Covered:
· 0:00 Introduction
· 5:00 How has the View of Encryption Shifted in the Past Decade?
· 8:50 The Good and Bad of Encryption Software
· 12:00 How the SSIA Deals With Regulating Code
· 20:00 What Agencies are you Seeing the Most Coordination?
· 21:40 Has Legislation Weakened Encryption?
· 28:40 Building Effective Privacy Legislation
· 39:00 Should Corporate Decision Making Be Culturally Driven?
· 43:30 Discussing the Definition of Commercial Surveillance
· 48:00 Framing Privacy as a Bipartisan Issue
· 57:30 Intersection of Technological Solutions and Social Goals
Resource List:
· Paul’s LinkedIn
· SSIA Twitter
· Notice of Advanced Rule Making Around Commercial Surveillance
· Government on Encryption
· Tornado Cash
· America Data Protection Privacy Act
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