Consistency is Key


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What would you rather have?

A million dollars right now, or a single penny doubled for a month?

I think that most people would just take their million and run with it, but they do this without taking a look at the small penny. Sure, it is almost worthless at first, but every single day it doubles. If you were to take the penny in this question, on the first day you would have a grand total of $0.01. And on the next day, you would still only have $0.02. A week passes, and you still only have $0.64. Another week passes, and while the person that took the million is spending it on all sorts of awesome things, you only have $81.92. A far cry from the million. Even after three weeks you only have $10,485.76, compared to the one million dollars. As you near the end of the last week of the month, you have $671,088.64. With only four days left, you realize you could have chosen to get a million dollars, instead of just getting close to that. And it took a whole month too! It’s in the last couple of days that the magic really happens. In those four days, your penny goes from $671,088.64 to $10,737,418.24!

It now makes sense to choose the penny doubled. You look back to see that the seemingly insignificant pennies that multiplied in the first week, turned into ten million in a month. It was the small consistent action over a long time that created the HUGE results!

It is like this in life too. The small actions that you choose to take on a daily basis, will create huge results! For example, if you want to really get in shape, you don't work out five hours a day for a week. That will just leave you tired, and still not in shape. To really make a difference, work out for a short time every day for a year. There WILL be results. Continue this for five years and ten years, and you are somewhere that you could have never dreamed to be.

Apply this to every area of your life. What big results do you need in your life? Instead of trying to do something enormous and end up burning yourself you, find the small consistent actions that you can do to create that result.

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