#25 Meditation Monday (November 9, 2020): Releasing Control


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This meditation will assist you in cutting cords related to feelings of being out of control, with the intention of re-centering yourself to the light at the center of your circle!

Message from my higher self about releasing control:

Control, a protective instinct, attaches us to another moment outside of the now. You might have a fear from past conditioning worrying you about a future outcome. The result is suffering. when you want to know, you want to control outside of the present moment, it creates suffering. There is no use beating ourselves up for what we can't control; this will create even more suffering. Instead, the power is within you to find all that you need in the present. The present moment is the center of the spinning wheel of fortune. When you come back in the midpoint, you will be able to find calm, the eye of the storm, and the point of convergence and transcendence beyond the cycles of life patterns (of suffering). We seek answers on the outside of the wheel, where the momentum of chaos grows further from the midpoint. The message here helps you remember how to release the attachment to the control illusion, and returning to your true light source of power in the present moment.

Meditation begins @2:45.

Happy Monday, I love you!

Music: Ascension by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. https://www.christopherlloydclarke.com. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

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