Episode 39 - Where Your Mind Goes Your Energy Will Follow with Peter Paul Parker


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04:29 Teaching qi gong: Roots in music and photography

10:24 Sound toning/healing and peeling back the onion of trauma

22:34 Awakening from fear and bringing back the energy to us

30:58 Connecting the 3 dantians and exercising the gut

33:51 The dark night of the soul and letting go of traumas

41:10 Releasing trauma that is in the body

48:24 Being our authentic selves, connecting with your heart, and healing problems

57:29 Action-Nonaction, ego versus self-love, and having bodies meant to move

1:02:51 Black tourmaline for grounding and protecting against archons

1:07:24 Choose the energy you want

1:08:38 Connect with Peter


10:06 "Unpeeling that onion of trauma is the best thing you could ever do because I think we've all got that kind of trauma that stuck inside of us. And once we start to get our energy body out of that, by grounding our physical body first, wow does the world look a lot different."

18:29 "Because we go through like developments of life happening to you, and then you realize you can start to create it. So life starts to happen through you, then you realize that you can enjoy your life running through you. Then you become that life."

33:26 "If your gut goes down, they can't keep you alive. That's how important this area of your physical body is. And it's getting neglected through bad food, bad diet, bad habits, bad posture."

35:53 "That's where we all need to be at is that position of just channeling this energy through us so that we can really empower ourselves to be the bright beings that we are rather than a lot of people are just in autopilot."

36:18 "If you're not seeing your cycles, you're not seeing the mirrors, because everybody has a lesson for you. Everybody, no matter who you speak to, as long as you're open to that lesson, when you speak to them, you'll get that lesson."

43:09 "Have the courage to release it because it's not you, it's not you, even though you think it is, it's not you. And a lot of people hold onto their ego because they think their ego is them, but it's not."

1:10:33 "All the Vedic demigods, they're just energies. They're talking about energies and we can pick up on any energy that we want. We have a choice and it's really important to get that we have a choice to which energy you're talking about."

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