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Hey Gritty Friends! Starting or Taking your business to the next level can be challenging without stress, anxiety, fears, lack of focus and clarity much less adding all these together. If you are feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, stuck with obstacle after obstacle and you have the grit to hear how to make changes, then you are in the right place. Hi! My name is Erika and I am super excited you are here for some gritty advice where I focus on helping women in business get clarity in their goals, run their businesses efficiently and stay accountable to what they want to achieve. The grit is your resiliency to get back up and try again when things don’t go your way. I remember feeling all of these not just in my business but in life! Military life included very long days and then to come home to 3 jobs (wife, mom, and side job) was exhausting and demanding. I was waking up at night remembering all the things I had forgotten to do that day or I would wake up with great ideas and then not want to sleep just so I wouldn’t forget what I thought of. I was diagnosed with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Now, I have been gritty, through grit, and received the grittiest of advice. During my early time in the military, I had financial problems, focus problems, relationship issues and was told by a leader that my life “was like the fog of war” and I needed to focus on the road ahead of me while tuning out all the bullsh*t in the woods. I thought this Marine was crazy but years later his words were much wiser than I had thought in my early 20s. So as a Navy veteran, a wife of a veteran, a mom, a boy mom, a twin mom, and fur mom, I have learned how to create specific goals with a plan, hold myself accountable to do the work while balancing work and home. I am excited to share my strategies to get specific on the goals you want to achieve, chat about self-management (not time management), set deadlines, and learn how to limit those good idea fairies to actually get sh*t done. To be successful, you need a positive mindset and a business strategy to make big changes happen! Why not do this together? As you listen, you’ll hear a combination of my own methods as well as other gritty women who have also overcome their struggles, created profits in their business, and living life with purpose. The big question - Are you gritty enough to handle it? Let’s see! Come be social with me: Facebook Community: @thegrittycoach Instagram: @the_gritty_coach Connect: Looking for more support: 1. Let’s chat in a 30 min complimentary call to help you find a way forward. 2. Just feed like you need more support to stay focused - like an accountability partner? Check out my Find Your Focus accountability group. 3. No need to continue to struggle alone. Find out how together we can develop a plan to get you focused and unstuck. Find out more information:

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