Mike & Andy: Stream of Consciousness


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Mike & Andy: “Stream of Consciousness” Defined by: The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, with minor edits by Mike & Andy Hawksley. (Quite a bit of editing actually. Okay, We basically re-wrote it. CRAP – just drop “basically” alright! We re-wrote the whole darn thing.) Accessed via WWW on November 4, 2019 and edited later that same day. “Stream of Consciousness”, is a narrative technique intended to render the stream of myriad impressions - visual, auditory, physical, associative, and subliminal - that impinge on the sub-consciousness of the podcast listener to reform a portion of their emotional awareness along with a transliteration of the listener’s rational thoughts to better align with those of the show hosts. Positive goal attainment is achieved through narrative vignettes, travelogues, memoirs, autobiographical tales, debate, fairy tales, argumentation, fables, legends, and a number of other rhetorical modes of discourse – along with a smattering of wit and humor. The term “Stream of Consciousness” was first used by the psychologist William James in 'The Principles of Psychology' circa 1890. As podcasting was just beginning to take hold, it became necessary to gain new listeners and convert those listeners to subscribers. To this end, some forward-thinking podcast hosts attempted to capture the total flow of their own “Stream of Consciousness”, rather than limit themselves to articulatable thoughts. To represent the full richness, speed, and veracity of the podcaster’s mind as it works, the hosts construct a thought-stream by incorporating snatches of intellectually incoherent thought, neo-grammatical verbal constructs, a bit of whimsey, and a liberal dose of freely associated ideas, sounds, and words to achieve an enlightened level of communion with the podcast audience. Hilarity ensues. Don’t believe me? Just put on your tin-foil-Faraday-helmet and listen to this…

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