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NCC Loma Vista

NCC Loma Vista

New City Church - Loma Vista

This podcast covers excerpts from our weekly Wednesday services. It is our hope that this podcast would be a reminder for some, faith builder for others, and full of truth for all. Pastor Price weekly allows the Holy Spirit to uncover the riches of power in the Word of God. Please subscribe for all of the updates. Stay tuned for special episodes and bonus material. God bless you, Grace and Peace!
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The world doesn't need more convincing intellectually speaking, it needs Hope! Nothing brings Hope like our own personal stories of God's redemption in our lives. Don't try to hide those broken places, they are the very things the world needs to see!Mike + Kristi Caulley
There is a correlation between celebration and forgiveness. Or at least there should be because that is the way God has ordained it. Is there somebody that you need to forgive? Or is there something that you need forgiveness for? Celebrate that, even if there are tears and it's hard and emotional. Celebrate the joy that can be found in forgiveness.…
The idea that we are called Saints as followers of Christ not because of what we do, or what we face, but because of Whose we are. Today we reorient ourselves around the idea of transformation. As Saints we care about our our own transformation and how it fits into the larger design of what God wants His church to be, a transformational agent.…
Transformation is a lifelong pursuit, salvation is a one time point of accepting and surrendering, and then there is this forever process of dying to self....Looking back on your journey of faith, what has come to life? What has come to death?Mike + Kristi Caulley
What does joy mean to you? We struggle with this question. Joy can be an emotion just like love but often it is a choice, a commitment. Joy isn't dependent on the actions of ourself or others. Joy comes from being in a right relationship with our Father God, regardless of our circumstances.Mike Caulley
Intelligence is knowledge, wisdom is how you apply it. It is not enough that we are biblically literate, we must also be biblically obedient. Building the wise foundation takes time and intentionality. Nobody accidentally builds their house upon or "in" the rock.Sean Conley
Profiled - An NCCM Podcast is for our 11th EPISODE!! Join host Omar Khamissa as he sits down with NCCM's Director of Foreign Affairs Siham Rayale and talk about all things international. From the continued crisis seen in many countries around the world to the way media is talking about war in "developing nations". Join us as take a dive into foreig…
We land on; “righteousness being better than the Pharisees” in order to enter the kingdom. This is a hard saying because the little bit we know about the Pharisees, they excelled at excelling. So, a little conversation about being good to be good.Kal Busman
Churches have always placed a high value on teaching our kids the in’s and out’s of following Jesus. But we haven’t always seen them as what our faith should look like. And this is exactly what Jesus is saying in the passage we’re going to hit.Kal Busman
A deep desire to be seen is what fuels social media. We want someone, anyone to notice us and approve of us. As we look at this weeks text, Jesus pushes on prayer and the importance of both a hidden life and a shared one. Prayer holds the key to our search for significance.Mike Caulley
What was taught and expected about reading scripture when you were growing up?Have you rethought or changed any of those positions?Are there any places, or scripture passages you struggle with now? Why or why not?What does the mystery of God mean to you?Kal Busman
Join co-hosts Omar Khamissa and Mustafa Farooq as they sit down and talk about the events of June 6th, 2021. The day all our lives were changed when we lost Our London Family. Join us as we discuss the events of the day, the steps that have been taken afterward, The Our #London Family Act, as we are joined by NCCM Staff Lawyer Nusaiba Al-Azem…
We approached the idea of forgiveness in a different way. Traditionally, most speakers try to build a case for forgiveness. We use passages that call us to live a life of forgiving others. There are tons of specific teachings, commands, and stories about the call to forgive others. But honestly, don’t we already know that? What more information do …
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