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We have choices and opportunities all around and in our relationships. Agreeing with everyone isn’t going to happen everyday so why not use these three buckets to help you navigate. --- Support this podcast:
What’s hurting you in your past? What’s keeping you from seeing your full potential? Pain, hurt , disappointment are real in a maximizers life. Find your forgiveness to win. --- Support this podcast:
There’s a lot that can happen in one year but the biggest thing you need is a clear vision. Allow 2020 to be the mantra that you set for your life, clear vision.--- Support this podcast:
What can you do when something makes you alive? All you need to do is take o e step forward confidently on that direction. Do t worry about the staircase, just take the first step. --- Support this podcast:
The hardest #thing is to consistently stay with in the identity that you choose. Every #single day we are given a #choice to side with what we identify with or not. I want to #share with you three #forces that are consistently challenging your #identity --- Support this podcast:…
I remember getting a glimpse of my soon to be wife and the passion that birthed in me. Same goes for your own life, when you gt a glimpse of your potential , a passion to pursue it must be birthed. Go get it Maximizer.--- Support this podcast:
We crave mental inspiration to be just creative in our day. Utilizing this creativity brings hope and joy in the moment and the expectation of a better tomorrow. --- Support this podcast:
The trap of comparing yourself leads to discomfort, stress, and judgement on yourself and at times others. Be totally accepting of what you are and what you have and be happy with that. --- Support this podcast:
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