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Conversation with author, linguist and botanist Patricia Whereat-Phillips.Patty shares about the historical and cultural uses of plants among indigenous peoples of the Oregon Coast as well as about the different languages, farming practices and cultural traditions relat...KBOO Community Radio
Welcome to the Dine’ Nation! Join a team of youth as they live and celebrate their ancient living culture!Our youth hosts will take the listener on a journey beyond reservation lines and into the cultural and creative lives of people who are continuing to break down st...KBOO Community Radio
On this episode of Voices for the Animals, Courtney Scott interviews long time animal activist Matt Rossell. Matt has a storied history working undercover to expose the harsh reality for lab animals, fur bearing and factory farm animals. His videos instigated investigati...KBOO Community Radio
Historian Claudio Saunt joins the program for the hour to discuss the mass expulsion of American Indians from the southern US, beginning in the year 1830: an event that would later be remembered as the "Trail of Tears." Prof. Saunt's 2020 book "Unworthy Republic," examin...KBOO Community Radio
First Voices Radio digs deep into our 30-year-old archive and brings listeners another interpretation and observation surrounding the American holiday known as Thanksgiving.The late John Trudell's Thanksgiving Day Address is from 1980, however his observations have sto...KBOO Community Radio
Native American students are just a tiny fraction of all the college students in the United States. They come with different histories, confronting an education system once used to erase their languages and cultures. In this project, four Indigenous college students tell...KBOO Community Radio
Part: 1Kawisente McGregor and Melody Talcott joins us to discussing the demystification and deconstruction of the violent settler colonial holiday, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and what is means to give thanks from cultural perspectives. Guests:Kawisente ...KBOO Community Radio
The Northern Spotted Owl is the quintessential canary in the coal-mine for older forest ecosystems. It was listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act in 1992 because of widespread logging of its old-growth forest habitat. And although wildfires have been blamed...KBOO Community Radio
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