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In this episode, we dive into raising your vibration! How vibration operates on a spectrum and nothing is really good or bad, we were just taught to judge what we felt. What we feel can be a tool to sense and discern vibration. How to begin raising your vibration, how there are many different ways to do so, how it can impact your life, and at the e…
We explore forgiveness and what it actually means, and takes, to forgive. I also ask for the energy of forgiveness to be sent to you towards the end, so you can feel into it and sit with it for yourself should you feel like doing so. Many blessings!
A straight up energy healing episode. Reiki and the Violet Flame flow to purify your energies and the energies around you, flow to aid in releasing cellular memory, to help you experience zero-point consciousness, and flow in many other ways for your highest good.
In this episode I walk you through the meditation that first allowed me the conscious experience of subtle energies, far before I was ever into energy work! Pass this on or use the concept to guide a meditation for someone else who’s wanted to feel subtle energies, however, who hasn’t felt they’ve been able to before!…
While reiki and the violet flame are flowing to help you shift for your highest good, we delve into the illusion that is the concept of winning, and ask ourselves some questions to help expand our awareness surrounding the subject and how it affects our perceptions and lives. I ask that the reiki and violet flame energies flowing through this podca…
In this Audio Energy Healing session, reiki, the angels, and selenite energies, among others, work for your highest good to help you relax, release, and get to sleep. May your sleep come easily, and be optimally restful and restorative. Infinite blessings to you.
A guided meditation where Reiki is simultaneously sent to the listener. We cut cords, connect with Earth and Source/Spirit, and open the opportunity for you to experience what a gift you inherently are. Blessings!
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