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Welcome to the weekly podcast of Elevation Church STL, where our mission is to take you HIGHER: in your relationship with God, in your relationships with others, and in your service in the world. Find more information at elevationSTL.com, or download the Elevation Church STL App. The weekly podcast of Elevation Church, led by Pastor Daniel Taylor.
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In this, our last installment in our "Ephesians - Family" sermon series, our Children's Ministry Director, Michael Miller, delivers a powerful...and impromptu message about death and resurrection, entitled, "Something Has to Break".Elevation Community Church
In this installment of our current teaching series, "Ephesians - Family", our Children's Ministry Director, Michael Miller, brings us a message based on the importance of having obedience to God in our daily lives.Elevation Community Church
Pentecost is about clear purpose and explosive power and how we now have the privilege to expect that God’s will is for us to have both of those things in each season and station on life. https://weareelevation.com/ @weareelevation @NikaoProductionsNikao Productions
This week Az Hamilton shares the powerful Good News that there is nothing we can do to be declared righteous apart from having faith in Jesus Christ. He is the one that puts us on the straight and narrow through having faith in his Death and Resurrection.
When life brings obstacles, it’s natural to respond with going around or pulling back from these barriers. However, sometimes, engaging these challenges head on can lead to greater breakthrough. https://weareelevation.com/ @weareelevation @NikaoProductionsNikao Productions
This week Josiah Wilson brings a powerful message on Jehovah M'kaddesh "The Lord who Sanctifies" Josiah unpacks the powerful understanding that God forgives and makes us Holy in an instant however continues to work in our lives as we stay in relationship with him. Sanctification is the idea of being set apart or being made Holy by God. We all need …
This week we Az Hamilton unpacks the power of declaring Jehovah Nissi (The Lord is our Banner) over our lives. The importance of raising up the banner that is Jesus over every situation and circumstance to see spiritual victories in our day to day lives. This week is also our once a year LEGACY Sunday where we see our church community sow into the …
This week Pastor Bec continues the "Names" series unpacking "El Shaddai" meaning God Almighty. Bec looks at where God pours out his blessing and favour on the patriarchs of our faith Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Through these stories we can learn so much about how God is indeed Almighty and can do miraculous things in our lives as long as we are prepa…
Pastor Az shares the powerful story of Jehovah Jireh mentioned in the scriptures. He unpacks 3 biblical principals needed for all of us to see Jehovah Jireh show up in our lives. 1. We need to understand that God still speaks and that we can listen. 2. We have to learn to trust God's voice 3. We need to be Obedient to his voice no matter what, even…
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