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Delta College is serving as a host institution for Climate Action Pursuit. If you see a baby wild animal this spring, observe from a distance. Ducks Unlimited and partners in the area have restored over 1,000 acres of wetland and grassland habitat in Michigan in 2020.Delta College Public Radio
A new report from Environment America says Michigan could provide 3/4 of its energy with offshore wind power. Great Lakes agencies are asking the public for help evaluating cisco rehabilitation efforts. The state of Michigan is modernizing an environmental health and drinking water information system.…
More than 32,000 acres of land have come under the protection of Michigan land conservancies since 2017. EGLE is highlighting water and energy conservation as part of Fix a Leak Week. The state Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is encouraging people to use approved pesticides in their gardening this spring.…
There may be invasive zebra mussels in your aquarium. There is a new Facebook page for state parks, trails, and waterways. Cloverly is looking to help people neutralize their carbon impact.Delta College Public Radio
Michigan Sea Grant is calling attention to the recent change in Great Lakes ice coverage in a webinar. Proper disposal of lithium ion batteries. Public comments on a 150-acre property purchased by Huron Pines.Delta College Public Radio
The Red Planet, Mars, has dimmed considerably since its close approach to Earth last fall, but it’s still visible high in the west after dark. Three space probes arrive there this month, including NASA's Perseverance rover.Delta College Public Radio
About 90 minutes after sunset, the legendary constellation of Orion the Hunter shines about halfway up the southern sky. Underneath the three stars of his belt shines the Orion Nebula, one of the closest stellar nurseries to Earth.Delta College Public Radio
A project is underway to permanently protect a mile of Lake Huron coastline. Do you know your owl viewing etiquette? The Audubon Society is tracking how local birds are responding to climate change.Delta College Public Radio
This year, the January Full Moon occurs on the 28th. Look for it to rise slightly north of east soon after sunset. There are many different names for the January Full Moon, especially by the Native Americans.Delta College Public Radio
Great Lakes advocates say President Biden's inauguration provides several opportunities. The state is seeking input on a strategy for public lands. The Nature Conservancy's 2020 Conservation Excellence Agribusiness award recipient has ties the Saginaw region.Delta College Public Radio
The week of January 18 offers a perfect opportunity to follow what’s called “the waxing moon.” It's also a good time to look for the Sea of Tranquility, where the Apollo 11 astronauts landed in 1969.Delta College Public Radio
The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act was signed into law this week. Consumer's Energy will issue bonds to help pay for the retirement of two coal power plants. More Michigan communities offered Christmas tree recycling programs this year.Delta College Public Radio
Midland Area Community Foundation and the Long-Term Recovery Group, will continue hosting Zoom sessions to provide consistent updates to community members about the process of long-term flood recovery.Delta College Public Radio
If you look low in the southwest at dusk, you can’t help but notice two bright stars that appear close to one other. These are actually the planets Jupiter and Saturn, and they’ll get so close on December 21 that it’ll seem like they're touching.Delta College Public Radio
The state is looking for people who love the outdoors to be photo ambassadors. Michigan is at number 14 on the list of best states for waste management. The Michigan Water Stewardship program is celebrating its 10th anniversary by unveiling a new website.Delta College Public Radio
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