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The first seven advices are grouped together. Here we explore why they are linked and how to explore them in our bodies more. This is a guided movement meditation using some of the phrases in the first seven advices and queries.Carolyn Baynes
Using the acronym RAIN we can learn to relate to our emotions with greater wisdom: R stands for Recognise how we are feeling. A stands for Allow the feeling to be there with a kind attention. I stands for Investigate; What am I believing about this situation? and N stands for Nurture; warmly appreciating our ability to be with the whole range of hu…
Our thoughts can have a powerful impact on our mood and our bodies. Being mindful of our thinking can give us the freedom to choose whether we should believe our thoughts quite so much, as Thich Naht Han said: "Our thoughts don't always have our best interests at heart."Carolyn Baynes
Loving kindness is a type of meditation which can resource us and refresh us. This short meditation starts with mindfulness of breath and body, then invites us to receive love and care so that we are resourced to love and care for others.Carolyn Baynes
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