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The Center for Evangelical Catholicism is a nonprofit South Carolina-based religious corporation, faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and dedicated to the Church’s call for a new evangelization. The Center seeks to form evangelical Catholics through publishing, providing evangelization opportunities, offering adult education programs for the laity, and supplying continuing education for the clergy.
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Join Dr. Eduardo Echeverria of Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit as he analazises in what ways the Ist and 2nd Vatican Councils were a response to the Protestant Reformation.Center for Evangelical Catholicism
Join Hillsdale College associate professor of history Dr. Korey Maas as he analizes the history of religous liberty and whether it can serve as a common ground beteween Protestants and Catholics.Center for Evangelical Catholicism
Dr. Matthew Gaetano presents the Catholic understanding of justification as presented by the Council of Trent and how it differs from that of Martin Luther.Center for Evangelical Catholicism
Listen to PCA pastor Dr. Rick Phillips lay out the Calvinist view of Justification and the differences that he sees between it and the Catholic view.Center for Evangelical Catholicism
T.J. Nielsen goes through the life and teachings of the heretic Arius and how the Church combatted this Great heresy through the Ecumenical Council's of Nicaea and 1st ConstantinopleCenter for Evangelical Catholicism
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