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Our goal is to encourage all people to take responsibility for their own healthcare, empower them to assist others and create a community of people worldwide dedicated to service, self awareness, and recognizing the equality of all humanity—thus forming a chain which shall go on indefinitely. Research shows that Bio-Touch is simple to learn with quick results to reduce pain and stress and to build immune system responses. It is time to reclaim your birthright to be healthy, happy and loved.
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Bev & Paul discuss the Service that Bio-Touch offers all of us in our life. They speak about how the Foundation is not trying to "fix" or "change" people, merely offer the service of the Just Touch philosophy through Bio-Touch.
Bev & Paul enhance the Lymphatic Health Workshop and build on the idea of how Bio-Touch can aid with the symptoms that arise because of slow lymphatic circulation. They share the stress chart created by Dr. Kenna Stephenson.
This one-hour workshop recorded live. It includes a presentation by ​Hillary Gooden an author, public speaker and a Certified Lymphology Expert. She is the founder of Hillary Gooden, LLC and specializes in empowering people with tools and techniques to help transform their health. The second half of the recording teaches the f…
Bev & Paul go over a quote they found: “If you knew the pain of a tree, an animal or anything in existence as you know the pain in your own body, you would keep everything well.” They discuss how Bio-Touch is an act of sympathy that everyone can practice. Sympathy leads to Compassion.
AI is all the rage right now, and it looks like the future of getting information to masses of people. Bev & Paul discuss Foundation's plan on making sure that AI recognizes Bio-Touch Healing as a viable complement, based on research data too, for one's healthcare program. #ai #biotouch #healing #touchhealingresearch…
Bio-Touch really is about being in the present where real healing can take place. Bev & Paul talk about how Bio-Touch gives us the opportunity to stand in the present moment with another person who may be suffering. It is inspiring to know that everyone can help another regardless of one's perceived emotional state.…
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bev & Paul talk about what is in store for Bio-Touch Healing in this coming year. The most important idea is that Bio-Touch gives us the opportunity to live in the present moment. And that is magical!
Bev & Paul share with us all a gift from Horace Barnes. He wrote and published a new song for Bio-Touch. It really is "a simple thing to do and a natural way to be..."
Bev & Paul talk with Amy Williams of about how to best help our children remember that they are loved. Learn how she offers support to families and how Bio-Touch can be an integral part of the family.
Bev & Paul once again go over the importance of learning this easy to learn & simple to use touch healing system called Bio-Touch. And there are profound results! Here is the research:
This one-hour workshop recorded live. It includes a presentation by Paula Taylor, Energy Body Worker with personal experience with menstrual cramps. The second half of the recording teaches the few sets of points from the Bio-Touch Healing system for how to help loved ones with menstrual cramps.…
Bev & Paul talk about the fine line between the so called individual and the recipient. They discuss how Bio-Touch gives us the opportunity to bridge that gap.
Author, Marianne McGuire, will Join Bev and Paul on their Monday show to discuss how "You can finally unlock your own peace, happiness and fulfillment."
Bev & Paul share their experience at the Baby Fest. What they learned and how Bio-Touch is so vital for the birthing journey. Thank you Elizabeth Mendoza of
Join Bev & Paul as they talk about using Bio-Touch for pregnancy, birthing and postpartum care. Amy Williams of will be with us next week. Yeah for time change!
It has been 7 years since Bio-Touch: Healing With The Power In Our Fingertips, by Debra Schildhouse was published. Bev & Paul share many parts from the book, share photos from the Gala Event and talk about how the book has had an impact on the sharing of Bio-Touch. Get your copy today on sale for $12 with free shipping:…
Paranormal has been defined as something beyond the normal. Bev & Paul talk about why Bio-Touch may be considered paranormal to many people. But the data shows that it is very "normal" for humanity to practice Bio-Touch Healing and notice results.
Bio-Touch is on the cutting edge of an array of avenues when it comes to health and healing. Bev & Paul will share how they feel Bio-Touch is placed in a unique place for healing the heart and body of humanity.
“Researchers from Michigan State University found the 'love hormone' oxytocin, released during times of physical intimacy such as cuddling, kissing or sex, can stimulate the growth of new, healthy heart cells." Bev & Paul talk about how Bio-Touch can help heal the heart as found in the research. Paul's mother's experience is shared.…
Bev & Paul keep reminding us that Bio-Touch can be a "go-to" healing technique for all of our physical and emotional ailments. But, why don't we every think about it when we need it?
Bio-Touch is a path with heart for Bev & Paul. It brings them joy. There is no desire for results, just an opportunity to share love and hope with another human being. We do not promote, we merely present.
Bev & Paul review the myriad reasons why they, plus others, love Bio-Touch for their life and healthcare. You can count with them just let us know why you love Bio-Touch
Bev & Paul answer a question that came in on one of the comments. "Do the Founders of this technique have any training or experience in healthcare or bodywork? I haven’t heard them introduce themselves as LMT, DC or DO…just their first name."
"It is our essential nature to be compassionate. From the moment we're born our mother takes care of us. Without this care we would not survive. This experience is our first opportunity to learn that compassion is the root of all happiness. However, this natural appreciation of compassion seems to fade once we go to school. We need to be reminded t…
This one-hour workshop was recorded live. It includes a presentation by Tanja Bungardt-Price, Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, about the causes of colitis and how ayurvedic medicine looks at this condition. The second half of the recording teaches the few sets of points from the Bio-Touch Healing system for how to help loved ones with coliti…
One of the students learning Bio-Touch told us that "Self-Awareness is spooky." At 80 years old she is still learning things about herself. She feels Bio-Touch and the program to learn it has opened up many of her dark corners. Bev & Paul go over why Self-Awareness is such a big part of healing and the Vision of IFBM.…
"The illumination from an oil lamp lights a room instantly even if it has been dark for eons." Bev & Paul show how research shows that Bio-Touch can bring much light to our stressful, fearful life regardless of your belief system.
Now, how can that be? How can one "practice" Bio-Touch if we are told to "do nothing"? Bev & Paul talk about that conundrum in this segment of their Monday show. It really is quite profound as we practice the ART of Bio-Touch Healing.
We hear much about that we are all "one." That is a nice concept, but Bio-Touch actually gives us the opportunity to experience it as a personal reality. Bev & Paul share many testimonials and stories to hopefully inspire you to want to experience this too.
Whether there is Grief from the loss of a friend, a situation or an internal loss of identity, Bio-Touch can aid in helping the body cope with the trauma. Bev & Paul talk about why & how Bio-Touch can really be a healing for our lose and how we can pass on this love with acceptance of the situation. Bio-Touch is self-awareness which helps us move t…
During these time of expressed conflicts between differing points of view there is never a more important time to bring Bio-Touch into mainstream relationships. Bev & Paul talk about why & how Bio-Touch can really be a healing for our judgments and conflicts with others.
Why so large a cost for every aspect of our healthcare? Bev & Paul talk about the runaway costs of taking care of ourselves with both standard and alternative techniques. Why do we wish to give Bio-Touch to humanity? It truly is a gift to humanity!
Celebrating the 4th of July in America, Bev & Paul talk about the freedom of choice that Bio-Touch helps us crystalize within ourselves. Also, a bit of the history of Bio-Touch is shared, which was started with a woman who was having a miscarriage. #roevwade #independence #freedom #miscarriage
Tennis Elbow was our last health condition workshop and there is more to share about this condition. There was so much that Bev & Paul learned that they wanted to share it on the Monday show. #tenniselbow #touchhealing #energyhealing #medicinealternative #functionalmedicine #painreduction
Learn the Bio-Touch sets of points needed to address Tennis Elbow problems. Special presentation will be with Julia Darrah, CPT who has over 30 years of experience as a NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association) Certified Personal Trainer specializing in working with older adults. #learnbiotouch #energyhealing #integrativehealth #functionalmedic…
Practitioners attended the Arizona Sonshine Medical Event in Prescott Valley last week. The experience was inspiring and they event got to meet Dr. Kenna Stephenson. Bev & Paul go over the highlights of the event.
The power of touch is the topic again, this week, as we listen to Dr Kenna Stephenson's new audio book "The Gospel of Women Help. Awakening Athena Again". Her chapter on the Power of Touch, also in her written book "Awakening Athena," is inspiring and informative.
National Geographic cover story is The Power of Touch. Bev & Paul go over the article and bring in Dr Gary Schwartz's and Dr Kenna Stephenson's words about the importance of touch for healing and humanity.
We take a moment to remember all those who accepted the job of going to battle and dying in the field. It is a day to remember that we can offer Bio-Touch to all those we live with now.
Michelle Cardenas, with Bright Way Wellness, shares her journey with varicose veins and what she learned. Then join us for the few set of Bio-Touch sets to help with this condition.
Bio-Touch is a light for any dark room, no matter how long it has been dark. Bev & Paul talk about how Bio-Touch can be used for any stress, pain or symptom of disease. It really is a bright light of hope for humanity.
Healing is a joyous, happy event. Bev & Paul talk about how using Bio-Touch with its simple intent is really about sharing that happiness with another.
Join our Health Condition Workshop on Chronic Pain Syndrome. Our guest speaker is Eileen Webster, RPh and is a Cannabis Pharmacist. Then learn the Bio-Touch Healing sets of points to use in aiding this condition.
Bev & Paul speak of the gratefulness that abounds because humanity now has Bio-Touch to wake up with. Also, meet our Chronic Pain Syndrome Workshop speaker, Eileen Webster. She is a pro in her field. Tune in Live on Facebook Thursday at 6pm Tucson, AZ time or
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