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Gabriel Uriarte of Radio War Nerd fame joined us in the Langley underground this week for a great history lesson. Subscribe to Gabriel's Newsletter here. Its good shit. The mans got brains https://cfalso.ghost.io/ Timeline of Dissapeared people http://personal.psu.edu/gau103/disappeared(a).html Please direct your questions and concerns to https://t…
For this offering of tell 2 people to listen to this podcast made in common by them all they each of them individually received that renown which never grows old, and for a sepulchre, not so much that in which their bones have been deposited, but that noblest of shrines wherein their glory is laid up to be eternally remembered upon every occasion o…
The DPRK Removes the Teeth of all 23 million citizens and flees to the underground + a lot more israel than you'd think. Click these links Thank you patreon.com/wnttak twitter.com/wnttakpod twitter.com/trevorcumboThe Spectre Haunting Langley
5 minutes were cut for our safety and yours. Follow @MarxMadness on Twitter and listen to their podcast about books we should read . We recommend the Black Bolshevik episode satireThe Spectre Haunting Langley
I was truly shocked by the horrible nightmare of the liberal mind. If you liked this please tell someone. We took out a lot of payday loans to get this off the ground and we are running out of time.The Spectre Haunting Langley
Follow Tony on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/toekneecarr/ The zine mentioned for those without the opportunity to have the the opportunity to have access to mental healthcare access options https://pioneerspress.com/products/the-do-it-yourself-guide-to-fighting-the-big-motherfuckin-sadThe Spectre Haunting Langley
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