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TikTok comedian Little Victorian Boy tells his little stories in a longer more audio based format. The stories may be absurd, but he is not. He is a serious boy and mother says he is also very handsome. Support on Patreon at and get bonus podcast episodes!
Unfolding the Victorian historical drama within the love letters of Fred and Jane, a young couple from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Each week we travel 140 years back in time to discover the latest happenings. This is a true story, a love story, a family drama, all contained within Victorian social history. Ingrid has both sides (extremely rare) of a correspondence spanning 1878 to 1882 that her great great grandparents sent one another. They were ordinary working class people, trying to m ...
Victorian Scribblers

Victorian Scribblers

Courtney Floyd and Eleanor Dumbill

Victorian Scribblers is a podcast about the nineteenth-century writers time forgot, from Mary Elizabeth Braddon (the mother of detective fiction) to Marie Corelli (queer science-fiction writer extraordinaire) and beyond. Hosted by Dr. Courtney Floyd, a specialist in nineteenth-century literature and print culture, and Dr. Eleanor Dumbill, a specialist in Victorian literature and publishing.
The Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) was established to assist the development of Victoria’s elite athletes by providing access to state-of-the-art sporting facilities and services. The VIS encourages its athletes to lead balanced lifestyles and as such also provides lifelong career and education support. The motto; Success in Sport and Life epitomises the purpose of the VIS.
(formerly the Bastow Educational Leadership) What are the big questions in education today - and what does leadership have to do with it? Join us for conversations with educational thought leaders from Australia and around the world as they discuss the work that drives and inspires them. This podcast explores a diverse range of views and perspectives through the lens of educational leadership and its impact on learners and communities.
Pod on the Hill is the official podcast of the Labor Party. Join us every week for an in depth conversation with Labor people about Australian politics, events and campaign activities from home and abroad. Keeping the light on the hill one podcast at a time. Authorised by Clare Burns, State Secretary, ALP Victorian Branch.
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Season 2, episode 23. The letters come thick and fast in the run up to Janie & Fred’s reunion in Easter 1882 and Fred gets booed by football supporters, when playing for Redcar against Middlesbrough in the Cleveland challenge cup final rematch. Support the showIngrid Birchell Hughes
The Victorian Era was something of a “golden age” for stage magic and illusions. I explain some of the conditions that helped magic shows become seen as a “respectable” form of entertainment, describe some of the venues in which shows were held, and introduce some of the larger-than-life performers whose craft is still emulated to this day.*****Ref…
In this episode I'm joined by Manon Burz-Labrande, who researches into the circulation of penny bloods and penny dreadfuls. We talk about how her research looks at how there are issues around canonicity, due to many publications being hidden still, meaning we return to the 'classics' . We observe how there were different ways of circulation beyond …
Season 2, episode 22. CW sexual discussion continues between Janie and Fred (using mild Victorian euphemisms). This time the racy village gossip and the even racier pillow talk continues, as well as starting to plan for Fred's Easter visit. Support the showIngrid Birchell Hughes
Season 2, episode 21. Contains discussions of a sexual nature using mild Victorian terminology. Janie has her confirmation ceremony, we find out what she thinks of Fred’s Paris job offer, and Fred's ex girlfriend is spotted in a rather suggestive postion. Support the showIngrid Birchell Hughes
Season 2, episode 20. CW description of a suicide inquest, Emma and Mr Walker continue to be a source of speculation, and Fred gets head hunted for a job in Paris, and we find out how he got on at a bachelor party. Support the showIngrid Birchell Hughes
Mourning etiquette was rather elaborate during the Victorian Era, particularly for women. I explain how Queen Victoria inspired these traditions, and look at recommended mourning periods, “widow’s weeds,” mourning warehouses, and (of course) the ubiquitous crepe.*****ReferencesCompass Rose Design. “History of Victorian Mourning Jewelry.” https://ww…
Season 2, episode 19: CW description of a suicide. Alarming news regarding a poisoning in Handsworth, a tragic suicide in Darnall, Sheffield, and we find out how Fred faired in the Cleveland Challenge Cup Final. Support the showIngrid Birchell Hughes
Season 2, episode 18. Janie comforts Fred regarding the temptation of kickbacks, and Emma behaves atrociously towards her sister-in-law, and then discovers that Mr Walker has been two timing her. Support the showIngrid Birchell Hughes
In this episode I'm joined by Azza Hussen, who researches into the works of Charles Dickens. We talk about how her resarch looks at how Dickens' work engaged with or challenged contemporary 19th century dream theories, in novels like Oliver Twist, Dombey and Son. We observe how some 19th century dream theories had a moralistic viewpoint, in that mo…
The Victorians didn’t play around when it came to death. In this episode, I look at how mourning dolls were created and their functions, and discuss the rationale behind “death kits” that were given to many children during this era.*****ReferencesBrand, Kara. “The Eerie Story Behind Victorian Mourning Dolls.”…
Season 2, episode 17. Fred tries to hold out against bribery at work, we find out about Victorian health subscriptions, or ‘sick club’ as Fred called it, and Janie and Fred gossip about other couple's family planning. Support the showIngrid Birchell Hughes
Season 2, episode 16. Content warning: Please be aware that Fred and Janie have discussions of a sexual nature in this episode, using mild terminology. As well as quite a lot of pillow talk, we also get to take a look at a 'Fancey Fayre' at Sheffield's Albert Hall. Support the showIngrid Birchell Hughes
In this episode I'm joined by Alora Hayward, who researches into Victorian literary works such as Christina Rossetti, George Gissing, Amy Levy and Charlotte Bronte. We talk about academic study in the pandemic and how this has helped us to reevaluate things, and also how nineteenth century attitudes towards gender, class and sexuality can be reflec…
Although prosthetic limbs have existed since ancient times, the demand for them and, subsequently, the way in which they were designed and produced changed dramatically around the turn of the nineteenth century. I describe advancements in prostheses during the Victorian Era, and discuss ways in which wearers of artificial limbs were described in li…
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