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Victorian Scribblers

Victorian Scribblers

Courtney Floyd and Eleanor Dumbill

Victorian Scribblers is a podcast about the nineteenth-century writers time forgot, from Mary Elizabeth Braddon (the mother of detective fiction) to Marie Corelli (queer science-fiction writer extraordinaire) and beyond. Hosted by Dr. Courtney Floyd, a specialist in nineteenth-century literature and print culture, and Dr. Eleanor Dumbill, a specialist in Victorian literature and publishing.
The Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) was established to assist the development of Victoria’s elite athletes by providing access to state-of-the-art sporting facilities and services. The VIS encourages its athletes to lead balanced lifestyles and as such also provides lifelong career and education support. The motto; Success in Sport and Life epitomises the purpose of the VIS.
Pod on the Hill is the official podcast of the Labor Party. Join us every week for an in depth conversation with Labor people about Australian politics, events and campaign activities from home and abroad. Keeping the light on the hill one podcast at a time. Authorised by Clare Burns, State Secretary, ALP Victorian Branch.
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Arsenic was pretty much everywhere one looked during the Victorian Era, and although we may have heard about it being used in murder, a large number of arsenic poisonings were accidental. I discuss arsenic’s presence throughout history, how and why it became widely available during the Victorian Era, and why it was used in so many consumer products…
The invention of photography in the first half of the 19th century had a powerful impact on the Victorian Era. I briefly describe early photographic processes (especially the daguerreotype), explain how and why postmortem photography became a common Victorian-Era practice, and look at some recent controversy surrounding it.*****ReferencesBrowning, …
Show Notes The story featured in this episode is Mrs Ranford's New Year's Dinner. Read along.If you want to read more about William and Mary Howitt, their Quakerism, and work on behalf of the poor, there's a good overview from the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire.
Victorian-Era holiday cards featured a variety of memorable themes, many of which we might consider dark and disturbing today. However, as I explain in this episode, the tone of these cards becomes more understandable when you consider the fact that Christmas cards were a new concept at the time and the social context in which many Victorians lived…
Show Notes In the tradition of our annual holiday episodes, I’ve gone a little wild with the title of today’s episode. Today, I’ll read you a Christmas Ballad titled “It is Christmas Day in the Workhouse,” which was first published in the 1870s and which floats around with several variant titles.Before that, though, I’ll share a mini biography of i…
This episode contains a discussion of drug manufacturing & use during the Victorian Era. Listener discretion is strongly recommended.*****Victorian-Era pharmacies were groundbreaking, in that they provided the general public with easy access to health care for the first time. I explain how these establishments came about & how the services offered …
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