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Funny Bones is a podcast about the humorous happenings, bizarre encounters, fractious clients, and animal oddities that happen to veterinarians in their day to day life. From poop to public health, this show makes light of it all. Our purpose is to use humor to encourage and foster happiness within the veterinary community. We'd love to hear from you! Send us your funny stories at
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Clients can be creepy sometimes, but sometimes vets can too. In this episode, Dr. Vanessa and Husband Glen go over a few true stories about vets misbehaving. Trigger warning: Dramatic events, animal cruelty, graphic imagery, disturbing events. Questions/Comments/Concerns/PR or Funny Stories: Funny Bones Podcast Instagram…
In this episode, Dr. Vanessa, Hanna, and Glen play a guessing game on veterinary salaries from all parts of the world! Questions/Comments/Concerns/PR or Funny Stories: Funny Bones Podcast Instagram:
Husband Glen and Dr. Vanessa crack down on debunking some common myths and misconceptions about what it's like to be in a relationship with a veterinarian and share some tips for relationship success. Questions/Comments/Concerns/PR or Funny Stories: Funny Bones Podcast Instagram:…
In this episode, Dr. Vanessa, Hanna, and Dr. Vanessa's friend from veterinary school, Dr. Nicole, conflabulate about the stressful blur that swirled around exam time during vet school. Questions/Comments/Concerns/PR or Funny Stories:
Dr. Vanessa, Tech Hanna, and Husband Glen delve into handling every day stress and explore some bizzare ways to deal with stress...including ghee butter?? Comments/Questions/Concerns? Please email us at
Dr. Vanessa, Hanna, and special guest star Dr. Melanie, from the NOMV organization, discuss all things mental health. Dr. Melanie shares her experiences, life stories, and informative news about what she and NOMV are doing to help veterinarians and veterinary staff. We share stories and have some laughs along the way too. To learn more about NOMV, …
WE ARE BACK WITH VIGOR! Lots of things happening in the real world for us but we are now back on schedule. This week's podcast: Hanna & Dr. V talk with Jamie, a local animal hospital's practice manager about her daily trials and tribulations.
Dr. V, Hanna, and Glen reveal all of the silver linings present during the Covid-19 Pandemic in the vet industry. How have you been dealing with Covid-19? Please share any stories you have with us at We want to hear from YOU!
While under lockdown, Dr. Vanessa, Glen the Hubby, and Hanna the Tech get together virtually to talk about all the havoc the SARS CoV 2 virus has spread into our daily lives. Remember to send us your stories at
Dr. Vanessa, Hubby Glen, and Tech Hanna conflab about the things that make or break a hospital. Have a story to share? We would love your feedback, stories, or just anything that happens to be on your mind. Email us at
Dr. Vanessa, Tech Hanna, and Hubby Glen come back from a break and discuss what they've been up to and work woes. Please send your stories (good, bad, and/or ugly) to We will feature them on our upcoming podcast.
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