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Justin Giordano

This first podcast was just about nonsense in gibberish and me just talking and you know it's my first podcast so let's see where it takeswas just about nonsense in gibberish and me just talking and you know it's my first podcast so let's see where it takes me
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This was originally episode I believe 4 if I'm not mistaken might be 3 but either way it was long lost I thought. But either way I hope you enjoy it I hope you laugh and I hope you get confused to be like what did I just listen to but in the end I hope you just laugh and have a good time listening another 2 Trippy Dudes!--- Send in a voice message:…
Well I thought our first podcast was lost to the ages but we found it! Recorded at the Discovery Green Park in Houston, Texas. With your Host Andrew Salas and Cody Muse we bring you the 1st Episode of 2 Trippy Dudes. They're all crazy episode hope you enjoy the "What did I just listen to?" feeling!! --- Send in a voice message:…
A while back Andrew Salas and I (Cody Muse) did a recording I'm just going to say this is a type of conversations we have on a daily basis sorry about the distortion it was recorded while we were on the phone together hope you'll enjoy it we got into a little bit of everything and anything in between This is 2 Trippy Dudes peace!--- Send in a voice…
Well it's Friday, we made it! We go through are days stressing but in reality Life ain't that bad "sometimes". But a little 2 cents from somebody else in this crazy world os something we all can take in or take with a grain of salt either way I hope you have a good day!--- Send in a voice message:…
Man it's funny how you can have a good time and the good times take over. We get into way to much that sometimes goes in a total of different way either way we have a good time it's 2 trippy dudes. Whatever that means..--- Send in a voice message:
Sometimes a late night podcast with some crazy conversations and it crazy ending is sometimes all you need. We got into quite a bit during this episode and in the end you might even hear a car crash hope you enjoy it!--- Send in a voice message:
Cast: Co-host~ John / Guest Star~ Diego. Beginning of a miniseries where discussions are spur of the moment & only includes two cast members. Ep. 1 ranges from debates such as Aloneness V. Loneliness. In addition, do we live in the moment OR do we distract ourselves from thinking about our future? This is Part 1 of the new miniseries; Compare & Con…
Today’s episode is about perception. Everybody has a perception that is individualized to them. We feel that they may differ between one another however, we also see similarities between our perceptions as well. We went over a variety of topics. Ranging from “Is our life pre-destined?”, “Do we only have one soulmate?”, “What is vulnerability?”, “Do…
It's a good vibe Good feeling type of podcast! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Oh baby Christmas is apon us. And man honestly you can't be mad about Thanksgiving because you can be a fatty all you want because your New Year's resolution is just around the corner!
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