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CSIS-TCU Schieffer Series - Audio

CSIS-TCU Schieffer Series - Audio

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Now in its 11th consecutive year, the series is a partnership between CSIS and The Schieffer College of Communication in Fort Worth, Texas. The school is named after Schieffer, who is an alumnus. The series is made possible with the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Moderated by Bob Schieffer, the dialogues are thoughtful panel discussions featuring senior officials, lawmakers, journalists and experts who discuss critical issues of national security, foreign policy and glo ...
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I’m about to say something controversial… The number of downloads on your latest episode is irrelevant. As podcasters and content creators, it’s really easily to get hung up on an individual number, especially if we start comparing to a bigger podcaster with a bigger platform. But we need to look at the big picture. Whether it’s episode one or epis…
Lauren King '03, tells about growing up near TCU and deciding to come to school as a lifelong fan. She talks about her career path to the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition and what the organization is doing to help the homeless population in our communities.Texas Christian University
Following my introductory post last week, I was given several questions and topics to cover (feel free to send more my way!) and today I’ll be talking show titles. Firstly, names in titles. Think carefully about where you put the names of your guests. Do you actually need them in the episode title? How many people would see the name ‘Terry Cook’ an…
The first episode of TCU does CfG! It's a nice and gentle, warm welcome, running through what you can expect from the show. Primarily, no promotion. I'm not trying to get the show noticed or in the charts, it's purely for CfG! You can join Coaching for Geeks on Facebook: But, if you would like to find…
More than 16 million people care for someone with dementia, and many millions more worldwide. In part three of our series “Rethinking Dementia,” we talk with Nancy McLarty, nurse executive, wife, mother, and caregiver of her husband Jim, who has Binswanger’s disease, a rare form of dementia. Nancy tells the story of hearing dementia in Jim’s diagno…
In part two of our “Rethinking Dementia” podcast series, we will hear what it’s like living with dementia. Jim McLarty, a former nursing executive and healthcare consultant, retired early because of Binswanger’s disease, a rare form of dementia. During our conversation with McLarty, he shares how his diagnosis impacted his career and personal life …
In part 1 of this series on dementia, Melissa Austin-Weeks '88 speaks with Assistant Professor of Nursing Michelle Kimzey to learn about the dementia care education going on at TCU as well as what to do if someone or someone they know, thinks they may have the warning signs of dementia.Texas Christian University
To start a new school year, we speak with Micki Whitacre' 09, who was named the Dripping Springs ISD teacher of the year last year. Micki will talk about the lessons she learned about teaching during a pandemic and how she plans to apply those lessons going forward.Texas Christian University
We speak to Ronnie Baker '16, who is a 12-time All-American at TCU and is competing in the 100 meters and 4x100 meter races at the Olympics in Tokyo. Ronnie talks about his track and field career as well as growing up in Alaska and how he became one of the best runners in the world.Texas Christian University
Brandon Kitchin ’18 talks to host Mariana Rivas ’19 about the emotions he experienced while writing about Adam W. McKinney’s research into a century-old lynching — and a life-changing meeting.Texas Christian University
The Donald Trump presidency kept the media on its toes with a constant deluge of information. Bob Schieffer, veteran journalist, talks to Kris Bunton, dean of TCU's Bob Schieffer College of Communication, about what may be ahead during Joe Biden's term. "We may be even more divided now than we were in 2016," said Schieffer. "It's kind of like Joe B…
Valerie Neal and Bubba Thornton from the classes of 1970 and 1971 joined us to talk about their 50th anniversary of graduating from TCU, in honor of the 50-year reunion, honoring the classes of both 1970 and 1971. They will speak about what life was like as a student in the late 60's and early 70’s and how life has unfolded since graduation 50 year…
Tori Cummings '14, is currently an academic advisor for TCU's Honors College. Tori will talk about her path to becoming an academic advisor, her other career in sports journalism and how TCU's rivalry with Boise State in 2010 brought her to Fort Worth as a student.Texas Christian University
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Todd A. Weiler joins the podcast to discuss his career in the army and government, along with his new book he has coming out called "Untamed Equality" as well as lessons he's learned from being an entrepreneur.Texas Christian University
Trip Tripathy MBA '87 talks about coming to TCU as a graduate student from India. Trip is a former chairman of the Neeley School Board of Advisors.Professionally, he has gone on to be a CEO of Kaufman Rossin as a business advisor and advises businesses on how to deal with the COVID-19 economic situation.…
Julie Butner, President and CEO of the Tarrant Area Food Bank talks about her organization's response to COVID-19 and the work they are doing with the community to give everyone in need a Thanksgiving meal.To get involved, go to Christian University
Judge Zuberi Williams '00 speaks on his career in the judical system as well as the biggest issues facing the country right now "Social Justice and COVID". He reminded his fellow Horned Frogs that TCU teaches its students to learn to change the world.Texas Christian University
Whether you're preparing for a job interview or are hoping to land one in the near future, TCU's assistant director for career services, Terrence Hood shares the tips you need to know for making it a successful interview, both in person or virtual, and take you one step closer to landing your next job.…
In this episode, Terrence Hood speaks about how to create a resume that resonates. He gives the lists of do's and don'ts when getting a resume to go from a crowded field of thousands to make that final cut that employers are looking for.Texas Christian University
In this episode of the Frog for Life Podcast, TCU Center for Career and Professional Development Assistant Director Terrence Hood talks about the trends going on with LinkedIn, how to use it, and how Horned Frogs can be successful using the tool in helping them make their next career change.Texas Christian University
Please join us for the next installment of the Schieffer Series, “2020 Challenges Ahead.” As we step into the new year, CSIS experts Kathleen Hicks, Stephanie Segal and Sarah Ladislaw will join Beverly Kirk, Director of CSIS’s Smart Women Smart Power Initiative and Bob Schieffer, to discuss a range of issues to look out for in 2020. Panelists will …
Please join us for this season's next installment of the Schieffer Series, "The Syria Withdrawal and Next Steps." The Wall Street Journal's Nancy Youssef will join CSIS's Melissa Dalton, Seth Jones and Brian Katz for a discussion on the U.S. withdrawal from Syria and the implications this decision will have on Syria and the greater Middle East. Add…
David Spencer, '08, talks about his journey as an educator that has taken him from Fort Worth to Houston to Chicago and now to Indianapolis. In his current role he is the founder of KIPP Indianapolis, a school that incorporates blended learning.Texas Christian University
Dr. Chris Watts, the newly appointed dean of TCU's Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences talks about his time at TCU dating to 2008, as well as his research with providing care to the Fort Worth community to those affected by Parkinson's disease.Texas Christian University
In part 2 of our interview with the authors of Women Don't Ask, author Sara Laschever, Sara shares how to be better prepared for negotiating your salary, resources for determining your market value and how goal setting impacts negotiation.Texas Christian University
Becky Burton, '82, discusses her role as CEO of the Girl Scouts Texas Oklahoma Plains. She tells about the many initiatives going on for young women with the girl scouts as well as other volunteer opportunities she is involved in around Fort Worth.Texas Christian University
Please join us for this season's next installment of the Schieffer Series, "Confronting the Challenges of Trade in a New Century." Since the end of the Second World War, the status quo on trade has allowed global commerce and prosperity to flourish. The United States led the establishment of this status quo, wielding its unmatched economic strength…
In part 1 of this 2 part interview, we hear from one of the co-authors Linda Babcock as she discusses her inspiration for being a co-author on the book and how women can approach the art of negotiation in the workplace.Texas Christian University
Quortni Hunt, '14 talks about her many activities she was involved in during her time as a student at TCU, along with her non operation venture that has her giving back to young females across the DFW area.Texas Christian University
Please join us for this season's first installment of the Schieffer Series, "The Iran Situation." In the wake of the investigations into the bombings of Saudi Arabian oil facilities last week, tensions have heightened between the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, culminating in Iran threatening an ‘all-out war’ should the U.S. retaliate. CSIS'…
TCU professor Bob Akin, '98, '02 MBA, '12 PhD, talks about his non traditional route as a student at TCU as well as his 17 year career as a professor at TCU. He also talks about a very memorable moment in the classroom with a renowned Horned Frog student-athlete.Texas Christian University
Former TCU standout linebacker David Hawthorne, '07, talks about his illustrious collegiate and NFL career as well as his current venture as an entrepreneur with the Fort Worth restaurant, Not Just Q, along with numerous other businesses around the country.Texas Christian University
Gabrielle McBay, '14, talks about her journey as a professional chef/caterer which began cooking for her friends in high school and has evolved into catering for Fortune 500 companies today. She also has a cookbook that was published and another on the way.Texas Christian University
In this episode of the Frog for Life podcast, Clint Robertson, '92, talks about his time as a TCU student which has led to being runner up on the Apprentice in 2011 and currently on the HGTV show Boise Boys which has spanned two seasons.Texas Christian University
Scott Kujak, '15, stops by to talk about the many things he's involved with including his career as a medical salesman, while also finding time to be a podcaster, author and boxer. His book is entitled Underdog: True Stories of Overcoming Adversity.Texas Christian University
Bobbi McPherson, '87, talks about her career in human resources which has made multiple stops to where she is now as the Chief People Officer at the United States Olympic Committee. Bobbi also talks about her mentorship of other women as she helps them further their careers.Texas Christian University
Author Christie Grotheim, '95, talks about her journey going from a short story author to publishing her first novel this year, "The Year Marjorie Moore Learned to Live", along with her other career as a graphic designer.Texas Christian University
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