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The interviewer becomes the interviewee. Vince Howard Head of Marketing at SwissBorg gives updates on SwissBorg's vision, the upcoming investment app and the launch of the ICO competition. In association with Crypto News TV.SwissBorg
In this week's episode Neil Staunton, CEO of Crypton Digital Assets, explains the rise of the STO and how his firm is using AI and machine learning to predict cryptocurrency price movements 12 hours ahead of time.SwissBorg
SwissBorg Co-Founder and CEO, Cyrus Fazel talks the future of responsible ICO's, SwissBorg's ICO platform and takes a trip in the DeLorean to give his past self some advice on how to run a successful ICO.SwissBorg
After quitting a high-flying role in sales and marketing, Erica Stanford went on to achieve life-changing success trading crypto in 2017. However beyond the hype is a cautious, analytical and conscientious entrepreneur with wise words of advice for would-be cryptocurrency investors.SwissBorg
Tackling the compliance and legal issues surrounding blockchain technology are a top priority for early adopters seeking to disrupt traditional industries such as banking. This week, we take up the some of the most pressing legal matters within the Blockchain space with Line Élodie Derungs, Head of Legal at SwissBorg.…
What are the barriers to wider crypto participation and how can actively managed Crypto Indices help adoption? Marco Guerreiro, Chief Research Officer at SwissBorg answers these questions and more. To learn more about Crypto Indices visit: Crypto IndicesSwissBorg
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