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Krystal Sparks and Johnny Vegas interview PornStar Harley Fire. Come for the porn talk, stay for the Batman story. A fun filled episode that had us laughing the whole time. We went a little long because the time went so quickly. It was truly a pleasure talking with this multi-talented producer, videographer and pornstar.…
We talk a bit with Ben and Summer, local swinging celebrities at the Red Rooster. They are unofficially know as the break in couple, as they take new swingers under their wings and show them the ropes. We answer your questions live on the net!SwingShot
We talk with the Owner/Operator of the Red Rooster and answer your questions while crazy, wild things are happening around us. This podcast was recorded in front of a live audience.SwingShot
Krystal Sparks talks with veteran Porn Star Marcus London and Mr702Vegas, who she recently filmed scenes with for the first time ever. We answer your questions, talk to a guy who wouldn't give his name and got a bit drunk and more!SwingShot
We talk to a couple new to the lifestyle and answer just one reddit question - for the whole hour. Sorry for the reduced quality, this was recorded in a garage and you should probably skip this episode, in fact, skip it for sure. Wait, it's funny and sexy though so don't skip it.SwingShot
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