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The Tracy Talks Talent Podcast provides insights for employers from staffing industry leader Tracy Taylor Smith. For over 13 years Tracy Taylor Smith has helped companies large and small--emerging to Fortune 500, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction through talent acquisition and staffing.
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What's Tracy's 80/20 rule for dealing with difficult employees? At what point is an employee's "drama" simply not worth it? Like and Subscribe on YouTube!
Tracy Taylor Smith gives an employers perspective on what job seekers should do to not just remain employable, but sought after as more and more jobs that typically required manpower are now being automated.
How this industry veteran adapted and evolved as the millennial generation has shifted workplace culture and not only survived but thrived in the rapidly changing professional environment.
Staffing industry veteran Tracy Taylor Smith chimes in on how she feels the historically low unemployment rates has affected her staffing firm, and the industry at large.
Staffing industry leader, Tracy Taylor Smith discusses how she has created systems and a company culture that allows for her staffing firm to fill the need for employees in less than 24 hours. Includes an account of how this came into play in 2017 when Houstonians experienced the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.…
Staffing Industry Expert Tracy Taylor Smith defines the terms "staffing" and "direct placement" and explains the important differences as they relate to both employers and job seekers.
Given the prevalence of online recruiting--internet culture in general, in 2019 what, if any, value do in person job fairs offer to recruiters in this digital age? Tracy Taylor Smith explores this topic, using her personal experience as leader of a national staffing firm which places thousands each year using both online and offline techniques.…
Tracy Taylor Smith is an industry leader in staffing and human resources, founder of Taylor Smith Consulting a nationwide-staffing firm that employs thousands each year. This episode of Tracy Talks Talent answers some frequently asked questions employers and recruiters often have in wanting to make the most out of the candidate interview process. T…
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