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Join Spotlight host Joe Kleon for a one hour in-depth look into backward masking in popular music. Backward Masking, or placing hidden messages that are recorded backwards within a musical composition, dates back to the 1960s. We will cover the history of this conspiracy theory and hear backward masking examples from The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Metallica, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard. Prince, Jay Z, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest and more! Does backward mask ...
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Featured Artists: ELO, Ozzy Osbourne, Weird Al, Britney Spears, Blue Shaddy, Beatles, Prince, Marcus Flynn, Def Leppard, Neil Armstrong, J Geils Band, Pink Floyd, Dark Illusion, Judas Priest, Jay Z, Metallica, Slayer, Dora The Explorer, Jonas Brothers, Backstreet Boys, TNT, Pantera, Cheap Trick, Sonny Del-Rio, Dreamamine, Led Zeppelin…
Featured Artists: Sydney City Delta, Ohm and the Secret Sources, Ohm and the Secret Sources, The Fanny Pads, Repeat Offender, Ferdkind, Fiction Reelle, MotherMotor, Devil's Guitar, Dr. Ruin, Xzanix Metal, Legend Heart, MusicmezSongCast
Featured Artists: Dr. Ruin, Fiction Reelle, ElixirOnMute, Temple Of The Disciple, Temple Of The Disciple, Sydney City Delta, Phobos Corp., Coffin Hammer, Legend Heart, The Moths, The Loons, Larisa & the Raindoggs, Repeat OffenderSongCast
Featured Artists: Lucrecia, Eve Of Poison, Full Moon Circle, Sydney City Delta, Creeper, Blacklight, Legend Heart, Repeat Offender, Fiction Reelle, A Conscious Divide, A Conscious Divide, Soul Sanctuary, Fat Labrador, Fat Labrador, The JBombsSongCast
Featured Artists: Evisc, Evisc, Circus Zombie, A Conscious Divide, A Conscious Divide, Dr. Ruin, Devil's Guitar, Anthony Stango, Angela E. White, Full Moon Circle, Sidhoward, The Moths, Fiction Reelle, LucreciaSongCast
Featured Artists: Fighting Gemini, Keith Castleberry, Angela E. White, Dr. Ruin, Fiction Reelle, Anthony Stango, A Conscious Divide, A Conscious Divide, Sidhoward, Full Moon Circle, Sighted, Devil's Guitar, LucreciaSongCast
Featured Artists: Black Fuel, Seconds Before Landing, Peccadilloes, Peccadilloes, Jimi Jamison, The Moths, RJ Davies, RJ Davies, RJ Davies, Timothy House, Mark Boutilier, TruSound, RocknRollerBand, Gary RevelSongCast
Featured Artists: Riptop, Simple Southern Boys, Dean Hurd, Norma O'Hara Murphy, Dave Pepper, Joe Don Silvers, Athol & The Bikini Girls, John Bell, Daniel James Ward, The Cobblestones, Terri Bozok, Sam Millar, Albert Bernicky, Debt PerceptionSongCast
Featured Artists: John Bell, Jeff Allan, Joe Don Silvers, Alive & Smiling, Sharine O'Neill, Norma O'Hara Murphy, Dave Pepper, Dave Pepper, Scott Carter, Kenny Glass, The Badlands Band, Chris Regez Band, Cabot BardenSongCast
Featured Artists: Simple Southern Boys, Terri Bozok, Trey Harris, Big Bob Young, Casey Dillworth, Daniel James Ward, Belle Cannon, Dennis Gurwell, Pete Galvin, Arianna Reiter, The Marauders, The Howboy Catts, The Howboy Catts, The Badlands BandSongCast
Featured Artists: Chris Harper, Gregory Morris, Euphoria, Purple Watson, De Ultimate Brothers of Africa, Fiona, Gorrilaz-TCI, IMI Rtist, Ben Longmire, C. Nolan Reilly, David Foley, Christian Salas, Damien Dane, Xraygroove
Featured Artists: Howard Lyons, Howard Lyons, Dusty Roads, Ferdkind, Mark Treasure Dunn, Blue Sky Drive, Blue Sky Drive, Porter, Maxim Senin, Christopher Aaron, Silvia Abelin, Ben Longmire, Chistina Custode, Bruce Scott
Featured Artists: Madlen Duval, Madlen Duval, Bill Lynch, Blue Plate Special, Josh Klein & Friends, Michael V. Nichols, Tyrone Matherson Sr., Scott Phillips, Marco Innocenti, Jairus Daigle, DemiRae, Kristin JergerSongCast
Featured Artists: Shades of Remembrance, Sydney City Delta, Sydney City Delta, Evisc, Krux, A Conscious Divide, Anthony Stango, FuryBorn, Fighting Gemini, Fighting Gemini, Ohm and the Secret Sources, Elijah Black, Elijah Black, Peccadilloes, Dr. RuinSongCast
Featured Artists: Kelci Paige, Norma O'Hara Murphy, Terri Bozok, Mountain Rio, Joe Stetson, Big Bob Young, Josh Johnson, Mike Stewart-Lawrence, Dave Pepper, Dennis Gurwell, Brison Reed, Paul Hughes & Bill Laninovich, Los Traques, Joe Don SilversSongCast
Featured Artists: Ben Longmire, Kristin Jerger, Kristin Jerger, Ian Walker, Joey, Karina Di Fabio, Scotty Chainsaw, Johnny Oberly, Piamlove, Misty Mountain Drifters, Daydreams4rock, Brad Lanier Band, Chestnut Street, Christopher Aaron
Featured Artists: Barbara Kiss, Replete Bros, Kelli Johnson, Kelli Johnson, Dennis Gurwell, River Junction Band, Chad Williams Band, Kevin Morgan, Skip Pullig Band, Laurel Crown, Slick Nickel, Chris Regez, The Howboy Catts, Joe Don Silvers, Boggy CreekSongCast
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