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The three amiagos are back minus the senior playoff analyst. They discuss week 16 and the potential upcoming changes for the 2021 season - what a year it will be. A special message from the hosts - we appreciate your listenership and we look forward to seeing you in the very near future. The UFFL is the best fantasy football league in Canada and yo…
This podcast is brought to you by DD Betting - The Most Corrupt Betting Site on the Internet. The boys are joined by the special playoff analyst and break down week 14 (which was crazy) and give their takes on week 15. Hint Luke Stuart is not held in high regard.
The boys break down week 12 and the craziness that occurred and set the stage for what should be a crazy week 13 in the UFFL - battles for the final playoff spots and the regular-season championship are unpacked and put back together. This episode really has it all.
This episode really has it all....UFFL rule changes debunked, Dele's Dimes and some intense in-depth analysis. The boys set the stage for what should be a VERY entertaining week 11 and a special announcement to make the playoffs even more interesting is profiled.
First week is under the belt and lots of action going on in the UFFL to break waiver wire, 3am club and a claim to make a trade after every trade from the Tinder Assassin - who just happens to be in a special match up this week
Cos and Kirkie just want to have an interesting about the UFFL and all these mosquitoes are trying to hack the pod. Listen up and get our the fly swatter. The boys break down what will be an interesting week 13 in the UFFL and the Whatsapp chat should be a little quieter this week....although chances are that won't happen.…
The boys are back after their well-deserved bye week and getting back into the groove proved to be a problem but with the help of a special guest that we call the MAP guy they get back to themselves to be a well-oiled machine (hint help from the Commish). Commish is now on Podcast Probation.…
The boyz are jacked for this episode. Yorkie is running on fumes because of a big night the night before but he brings the heat. Cosby does what he does best and teases listeners and Kirkie is getting his bank account ready for a big influx of cash from an upcoming bet.
The crew is back together and the rants are aplenty. The boys break down a new format for the sake of bets and chirping (NO CHANGE IN ACTUAL FORMAT EVER). A few questions going unanswered - Chambo where do you live? AND Stufart is Nov 3rd happening? Please enlighten us fellas.
Kirkie and Yorkie (sans Cos) are joined by rookie GM sensation Billy "Charlie Tweeder" Gleed on this action-packed episode. He brings the heat with some in-depth analysis and deep into his mind and thought process. In addition to Gleeder, we also are joined by the couple of the century as they break down their plans for a romantic weekend away in N…
WARNING: BAD INTERNET CONNECTION AT END OF EPISODE. This week's episode breaks down a blockbuster trade and highlights an extra special MOW (Battle of Barrie)'s a guaranteed win for Dumpster Fire Divots this week. Mid episode takes the boys to talk with an extra special and unexpected guest.
The boyz are back (well almost all of them) for another action packed season of the UFFL and The Sixth Sense podcast. This episode breaks down the off season rules changes and also the results from the draft!
Cos & Kirkie partner up to break down the week that was in the 1st round of the UFFL Playoffs. Some upsets and lack of tight matchups provide a little disappointment and the boys don't shy away from the obvious. The upcoming GM meeting at Bondo's on Saturday is kicked off with the boys takes on what we may see over the offseason. Yorkie is on proba…
No one knows where Kirkland is after his regular season championship and Yorkie is high flying at the Leafs game so it's a solo mission by the one and only Zach Cosby. He brings you this podcast on route to his Thursday night hockey from the 401..gotta love the passion.
After an action-packed week, the UFFL has a slower week but the boys, as always, bring the heat! It's a huge week in the sche to determine not only the regular season championship but also who are the final two teams that make the dance. Because of that, multi MOWs are announced!
After a whirlwind of a week in the UFFL, the boys breakdown the trades and announce the MOW and DUD for Week 12. A lot of action packed in this pod and energy runs high. There is a big bet offered by The Commish to his favourite foe from the past week...Shooter McGavin.
The boys recap a week that was in the UFFL. Some GM's get a much needed win and a few are pushed back to the brink of elimination. Deseperate times call for Desperate measures. The Commissioner Corner comes to you from the locker room at the Vault (Scotiabank Arena).
Controversy hovers over the commissioner and some shady business in Week #9 of the UFFL. Yorkie addresses it and get a very large discipline which could have a significant impact on the rest of his season. The MOW and DUD are reviewed and a deep dive into Toronto sports. A special SPECIAL guest gets potentially announced for next weeks pod.…
The Sixth Sense has another special guest as Tyler Burnside joins the boys to have a discussion about his turnaround and claims it's because of his team name changes. As always the MOW and DUD's are announced and another special event for the UFFL GM's is profiled for November 4th.
The boys are back from the GM Meetings in Nashville this week and some disagreements linger over the Justwealth Matchup of the Week (new sponsor). Commissioner telling all GMs to take a chill pill and not overreact while Cos and Kirkie do exactly the opposite and overreact. Side Note: We are looking to hire a Social Media Manager to manage The Sixt…
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