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Mike & Doug are surprised by Mr. El Grotto and the roving reporter Allie during a production meeting. We also hear about a few things coming up at the Salted Vines. January 22nd - Crockpot Cook-Off January 27 & 28 - Fire & Ice (An Ice Luge and the ice sculptures will be there on Friday night!) $20 wine tasing And do not forget Monday night bingo!…
Mike & Doug catch up with the Dustin Showers Band to learn more about how they became the East coast entertainment attraction. Also, has anyone seen Allie? DuBois & Mike Lettieri
We are back from a Thanksgiving break. We will get you caught up on what happened on Turkey Day, and if we are ready for Christmas. Our topic for this episode is fear. We share ones that we struggle with. What are your fears and how do you manage them?Crews & Shane
Doug & Mike open up the window to allow listeners to have a glimpse of a normal production meeting. Discussing upcoming topics. We welcome the feedback on our ideas, and also if you have any others that you would like us to discuss.Doug DuBois & Mike Lettieri
Mike & Doug sit down with Paul Parsons from Parsons Farm Produce More than a small produce stand, Parsons has a country store, a farm fresh cafe, an ice cream shop, fresh beef, & animals. 30381 Armory Road Dagsboro, DE 19939 302-732-3336 www.parsonsfarmsproduce.comDoug DuBois & Mike Lettieri
Doug & Mike sit down with Danielle Thomas from the Cricket Center to discuss multiple ways of how listeners can assist those in need. (410) 641-0097 DuBois & Mike Lettieri
Shane and Wayne kicked off their vacation with a stop in "Music City" and a stop at the NASCAR event in Nashville before heading to Florida. The two talk about their adventures in Nashville, meeting Kane Brown, praying for sunshine, and more! Music: Kane Brown & Shane
Shane and Wayne are hanging at the James River Cabin outside of Springfield. On this newest episode of the podcast the two discuss some of their favorite adventures, gas prices, some great new music, and more! Music: Wade Bowen & Shane
When was your first float trip? Shane and Wayne share their first experiences on the river and their most recent adventure. They also talk about Johnny Depp, Bob's Burgers The Movie, and more. Music: Brian Kelley & Shane
What are your favorite weird food combos and hidden gem restaurants? Shane and Wayne share some of their favorites and read some of your comments! They also talk about Joe Bob, Sampson's MRI, Kansas City, and more. Music: Adelita's Way & Shane
What would you do if you knew it was your last day on earth? Shane and Wayne discuss what they would do. They also talk more about planning for an upcoming wedding and provide an update on Sampson. Music: Gavin Rossdale…
What was your first concert? Wayne and Shane dive into their first-ever concert and why their parents weren't real happy about it. They also share more about the Vegas trip, Sampson scare, Bass Pro shutting down most of town, and more! Music: David Nail & Shane
You know that Wayne (@crewsontheradio) is in the radio biz, but how did it all get started? We will talk about that, spring break, some exciting news on our favorite team, and more! Music: Sam Riggs Dark Sky Album: & Shane
In this podcast episode, Reva Shane opens up like never before to share her adoption story. When we first discussed starting a pod, we knew this was a journey we wanted to share with you. We hope you enjoy and find our conversation inspiring. Music - Copper Song: Broken Sky…
We are back after about a week of new mic issues, software problems, and scheduling conflicts! We need to talk about a few things, and yes, it sounds like we are still having mic issues. We need some help planning a vacation, and we have some recommendations for you with new shows and a crazy YouTube channel. Enjoy! Music: Gator Park https://soundc…
Welcome to episode 1 of Shywayne's World! We are spending the weekend "off the grid" in a cabin in the woods but will we survive? We also need to discuss Valentine's Day. Is it still meaningful? The Big Game is this weekend BUT there is a more important game (according to Shane) that we will discuss. (Intro Music By Sam Riggs)…
Hey guys, we are back with episode THREE! Here we discuss recent news in the dating world, with one of the biggest topics being Jhene Aiko and Big Sean’s breakup. We dive into whether it’s okay to be cool with your ex and when are you crossing boundaries! Tune in for our input.
Hey guys! June’s juicy topic is : “How do you officially know when you’ve went from talking to dating?”. In this episode we discuss the tell tale signs of this transition and offer some advice for those who may have trouble with this. We hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback.
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