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Shut Up, Shelby

Shelby Bennett

Hi, I'm Shelby! Anybody who knows me at all, knows that I talk...a lot. I got into trouble in school from Kindergarten through high school for talking too much during class, so naturally, "Shut Up, Shelby" was the most appropriate name for my podcast channel. Most of my content will be random daily ramblings and thoughts with a little bit of social work, and of course some lovely guests! Contact me if you'd like to join me sometime and have a topic you want to share about. -Shut Up, Shelby
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Hello and welcome to my very first podcast. Full disclosure: I am fighting a bad cold so there is quite a bit of sniffling and coughing going on in this, so the quality isn't up to par, but stay tuned for more podcasts with better quality! Thanks for listening to Shut Up, Shelby.Shelby Bennett
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