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Showtime Boxing has been synonymous with the squared circle for over 30 years. Now Showtime is in the podcast world with boxing experts Eric Raskin & Kieran Mulvaney and the host of "The Last Stand" podcast, Brian Custer . Listen to All Access, exclusive interviews, breaking news and more from the best in the business!
🍎Esther:還在奮鬥中的紐約客、演員、也講脫口秀、影片莫名其妙地被各大媒體轉發。 🍎Jocelyn: 集編導於一身,偶爾開外掛充當心靈教練,紐約是人生的轉折點,喜歡到世界各地和不同國家演員工作。 🍎兩位『藝術家』輕鬆聊表演和演藝圈幕後的生活、决策、八卦、和大家不知道的內幕! 喜歡我們的話 買杯咖啡給我們吧☕ follow Esther 的IG @theEstherChen_ //fb @theEstherChen follow Jocelyn 的IG @jocelyn_yuchia_chang //fb @jocelyn.y.chang
Legendary Laker swingman, "Coop," lends his view on today’s NBA game in comparison to how basketball was played in the 1980s. From lighthearted comments to serious analytics he and a co-host Ari Temkin as well as guests including Showtime Lakers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Pat Riley and Byron Scott, will discuss current basketball games both from a player and a coaches perspective. Known for his defensive skills, highlight dunks and tenacious defense, Coop will break down the do's an ...


FTV Prima

Magazín o životě slavných a moderním životním stylu pro každého. Od pondělí do neděle na CNN Prima NEWS a Primě premiérově od 19.55. Moderují Laďka Něrgešová, Iva Kubelková a Gabriela Soukalová. Stránka pořadu:
ShowTime, Dolores!

ShowTime, Dolores!

ShowTime, Dolores! -- PodCasts

Holterdipolter…! Da stolper ich doch glatt mit meinem Feinripp-Kloppstock über einen masturbierenden Waldschrat!!! Fühl und staune über die Künstler, die Dolores Schlüpper schnipsen, Locken verzwirbeln, nach Schnaps johlen und rüschenwirbelnd aufjauchzen lassen! ♥ °. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ✮✮✮ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .° ♥ ♥ °. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ✮✮✮ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .° ♥
Halftime is Showtime! Baton twirling is a dynamic sport full of "up's and down's" however bringing your show to the next level is all about performance skills. Time to be positive, energetic and dazzle your crowd! Join us for motivation, tips, hints, interviews and skills to apply to your routines to enhance your halftime routine.
Showtime Forum

Showtime Forum

All Things Lakers

The MOST interactive Lakers platform out where the audience dictates the discussion! Home of the @ShowtimeForum Postgame hosted by @GregBergman & The @ShowtimeForum Podcast hosted by @Chris_Camello & @ChaezPearson Support this podcast:
Le uniche due forze al mondo capaci da sole di far emozionare, esaltare e portare alle lacrime miliardi di persone sono lo SPORT e la MUSICA. E quando queste due forze si uniscono, danno luogo a un vero e proprio show, l’unico capace di restare impresso nella memoria dell’umanità e delle generazioni a venire. In ogni puntata di Showtime, Gianluca Gazzoli, speaker di Radio Deejay e conduttore di Basket Zone su DMAX, racconta di tutte quelle volte in cui la musica ha reso indelebile un gesto a ...
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Demetrius Andrade joins the Last Stand to talk about his move up in the 168lb division, talks on Canelo, Charlo, what's to come & more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Para celebrar nuestro episodio 300 regresamos en el tiempo y recordamos aquellos juegos que dejaron marca. Banjo Kazooie Star Wars Rogue Squadron Halo Death Stranding NieR Automata La entrada ShowTime Podcast 300: Los juegos que nos marcaron (parte 3) apareció primero en
On this episode of Showtime With Coop sponsored by, Michael Cooper welcomes NBA journeyman and former teammate, Wes Matthews Sr. Coop and Wes discuss growing up, Wes' favorite teammates, playing against the Celtics, thoughts on the NBA today, playing ball overseas, and more! 1:20 What was it like growing up in Bridgeport Connecticut? 7…
🍎 E應該開罵人podcast 🍎 BDSM嘲弄到客戶高潮 🍎 A Christmas Carol什麼叫做Happy Ghost幽靈是有在Happy的嗎 🍎 桌上工作/劇本分析 🍎 自我介紹一定要加「pronouns」代詞 🍎 導演到底什麼時候離開劇場/案子 🍎 E跟Happy Ghost一點連結都沒有 🍎 越想要男朋友月交得到 🍎 「史古基」沒有做壞事為什麼要教訓他 🍎 演戲工作都是看運氣 🍎 選中的演員大部分不是第一名 🍎 到底什麼算「safe space」是在流行什麼 🍎 safe space言行不一的地方 🍎 穿古董衣演戲Esther Chen, Jocelyn Y. C
Eric reports from on site as David Stevens scores a dramatic last-round KO on ShoBox; and he and Kieran break down Liam Smith's win over Chris Eubank Jr. and look ahead to Artur Beterbiev's title defense against Anthony Yarde. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jaron "Boots" Ennis joins the Last Stand to talk about having big fights against the top guys like Spence, Crawford, wanting to beat the legends, goals of becoming undisputed & more Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this episode of Showtime With Coop sponsored by, Michael Cooper and Ari Temkin welcome LA Laker Legend, the NBA logo himself, Jerry West. In part two of this episode, Michael and Jerry discuss Jerry actually being the NBA logo, coaching in the NBA Shaq and Kobe, and of course Coop's lightning round. 0:15 Jerry being the NBA Logo. 1:…
Si ya tuvimos lo mejor del año, lo lógico es tener también las decepciones de 2022. Overwatch 2 Monster Hunter Rise/Sunbreak La nueva PlayStation Plus Grid Legends Deathloop Dying Light 2 Gran Turismo 7 Diablo Immortal 343 Industries y Halo Infinite La entrada ShowTime Podcast 299: Las decepciones de 2022 apareció primero en…
來賓:eddie su 大家會想看E拍的獅子交配影片嗎?想就DM Esther IG超過10個聽眾就放IG上 🍎 演員跟演員之間的爭執--怎麼處理?? 🍎 出國真的值得嗎? 🍎 放棄美國的工作簽證 🍎 哪個政治人物長得像會「設垃圾桶?」 🍎 民進黨文宣需要加油? 🍎 野生的動物很難老死Esther Chen, Jocelyn Y. C
來賓:Eddie Su 🍎 幹嘛住美國明明台灣很先進 🍎 地鐵為什麼這麼爛?? 🍎 民進黨很不會選舉/PR差 🍎 海外兩岸脫口秀演員之間的埋怨&衝突 🍎 形容華人的壞字「chink」 🍎 寫中國笑話被叫種族歧視??? 🍎 我從來不長痘痘--欠扁 🍎E的非洲之旅 🍎 吃瘧疾藥 🍎 在劇場裡過敏發作 🍎 想殺死E的聽眾請寄蘋果給她 🍎 為角色把頭髮剪掉 🍎 美國暴風雪零下15度 🍎 馬賽人超超超超強 🍎 看獅子交配LIVE 🍎 成人影片LIVE 🍎 在獅子面前尿尿 🍎 在非洲只能吃西餐 🍎 在烏干達「社區散步」vs 募款之旅Esther Chen, Jocelyn Y. C
Undefeated welterweight Jaron Boots Ennis joins the podcast, and Eric and Kieran preview the first ShoBox card of the year. Plus: the Top 5 ring enterers, and another edition of The Fight Game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Kieran and Eric break down Gervonta Davis' ninth-round stoppage of Hector Garcia, and grade Jaron "Boots" Ennis after he was taken 12 rounds for the first time in his career. Plus former NBA champ Stephen Jackson discusses boxing, basketball, food and his new Showtime digital series "Fight Towns." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.f…
¿Qué mejor manera de iniciar el 2023 que haciendo un recuento de los mejores juegos del 2022? A Plague Tale: Requiem Stray Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Horizon: Forbidden West Citizen Sleeper Pentiment Elden Ring Vampire Survivors God of War: Ragnarok Tunic La entrada ShowTime Podcast 298: lo mejores juegos de 2022 apareció primero en…
On this episode of Showtime With Coop sponsored by, Michael Cooper and Ari Temkin welcome LA Laker Legend, the NBA logo himself, Jerry West. In part one of this two part episode, Michael, Jerry, and Ari discuss how Jerry starting playing basketball in the first place, playing college basketball at West Virginia University, playing for …
David Benavidez joins the Last Stand to discuss his upcoming plans for 2023, what would it take to get Canelo fight, calls out Charlo & more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In the first podcast of the new year, Eric and Kieran preview Saturday’s Showtime PPV, headlined by Gervonta Davis vs Hector Garcia. Plus, the latest news and Eric's list of the Top 5 best mic drop career-concluding wins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Michael Cooper welcomes "The Chief" of the Boston Celtics 1980's championships. Basketball Hall of Famer and 4x champion, Robert Parish joins Showtime to discuss Robert's career, his college SAT scandal, why he made the choice to go to the NBA over the ABA, His tenure playing with Rick Barry and Clifford Ray of the Golden State Warriors and of cour…
Derrick James joins the Last Stand to discuss Anthony Joshua and if there's a possibility to train the former Heavyweight Champion, thoughts if there will be a Spence/Crawford showdown, Jermell Charlo's upcoming fight & more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Kieran and Eric wrap up the year by handing out awards for Round, KO, Upset, Fight and Fighter of the Year. Plus newly-minted Hall of Famer Tim Bradley joins the podcast to look back on his career. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Uno más y nos despedimos del 2022. Este último episodio del año estuvo lleno de llegadas inesperadas e idas más inesperadas. Jugamos: The Witcher 3 High on Life Noticias: Se cancela el mundial de Smash Bros. 2022 y la liga de 2023 / Panda Global pierde a su CEO, cancela su final de Smash Bros [Rumor] Xbox considera una versión más barata de Game Pa…
Kieran and Eric sing the praises of Frank Martin, after he dominates Michel Rivera in the final fight of the year. And Brian Campbell joins to look ahead to 2023 and play the latest edition of the Fight Game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this episode of Showtime With Coop, Michael Cooper welcomes 4x all star, and rookie of the year, Ralph Sampson. Coop and Ralph discuss Ralph's childhood, Ralph being drafted by the Rockets in 1986, thoughts on the NBA today, and more! This episode is powered Shopify (use promo code: showtime [all lowercase] and BetOnline, use promo code: CLNS50.…
Kieran and Eric consider the best bets for this Saturday’s Showtime Championship Boxing main event between Michael Rivera and Frank Martin, and look ahead to some of the early odds for 2023 fights. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
No podía faltar un podcast fuera de tiempo y que, a pesar que alguno se durmió antes de tiempo, salió adelante.Jugamos: Overwatch 2, Temporada 2 Vampire Survivors Noticias: Se complica la unión entre Microsoft y Activision Blizzard Microsoft promete 10 años de Call of Duty a Nintendo y Steam EE.UU. busca detener la unión de Microsoft y Activision […
Adrien Broner joins the Last Stand to discuss his next opponent, future plans in the division, thoughts on super fights in 2023 & more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Teofimo Lopez and Terence Crawford win, but in highly contrasting styles; what's next for both? Plus: a preview of the final Showtime card of the year, a tribute to Mills Lane, a look at this year's Hall of Fame class, and the best third fights of all time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
On this episode of Showtime With Coop sponsored by Shopify and BetOnline.Ag, Michael Cooper welcomes 2 time NBA all star Jeff Malone. 1:13 Who were some of Jeff Malones Role models growing up? 6:20 What was it like being the 10th pick, and going to the NBA? 9:35 Shopify Ad Read. 11:43 Who were some of the toughest players to play against? 15:46 Mid…
Teofimo Lopez joins the Last Stand to discuss his move up in weight, wanting to be undisputed again in the new division, thoughts on Haney, Crawford/Spence, upcoming fight against Jose Pedraza & more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Hall-of-Famer and Showtime boxing analyst Al Bernstein looks back on 2022 and ahead to 2023, and reveals his favorite venues to watch fights. And Kieran and Eric break down the beatdown, as Tyson Fury punches Derek Chisora for longer than necessary. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
No se sorprendan si en este episodio hay alguien que se tome como propio el podcast… y no sea el ingenierillo. The Callisto Protocol Need for Speed: Unbound A Plage Tale: Requiem Warhammer 40,000: Darktide La entrada ShowTime Podcast 295: es un honor apareció primero en
A pesar de romper doblemente el tabú de hablar de juegos del inge, no logró adueñarse del programa. Y eso ya es noticia. Red Dead Redemption 2 Goat Simulator 3 Gran Turismo 7 podría llegar a la PC Leex traiciona Halo y le entra a DMZ No parece que God of War Ragnarok vaya tener DLC Pokémon Escarlata y Púrpura venden 10 millones de copias en 3 días …
Terence "Bud" Crawford joins the Last Stand to discuss why the fight is off with Errol Spence Jr, talks if it may happen in 2023, calls out Jermell Charlo & more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Boxing Hall of Famer Nigel Collins discusses his latest book, an anthology of 50 years of boxing writing. And Kieran and Eric look back on a win for Regis Prograis, and look ahead to the third meeting between Chocolatito Gonzalez and Juan Francisco Estrada. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
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