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This podcast teaches listeners how to examine issues to find the truth. We will examine every thorny political issue by teaching listeners how to find and analyze data, find primary information sources, and synthesize information to identify actual causes or effects of any issues. Topics will include climate change, gun violence, January 6 riots, Trump-Russia collusion, Supreme Court decisions and more.
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Episode 7 of the Quantitative Investigations podcast explores some of the history, people, and legal decisions that brought us to where we are today regarding this issue. This episode does not take a position on whether or not abortion should be legal.Stephen J. Cohen
This episode is the first listener's request. It examines Newt Gingrich's impact on acrimony in Congress, whether he was the cause, and if the Newt Gingrich effect continues.Stephen J. Cohen
Episode 5 discusses a sample of legal decisions and other factors that impacted the 2020 election and provides insight into whether the 2020 election was fair. Research discussed in this episode will be valuable for listeners to evaluate future elections.Stephen J. Cohen
Episode 3 of Quantitative Investigations teaches listeners how to review the Federal Budget, presents tricks that Congress uses to state that deficits will be reduced, explains inflation, both organic and government induced, and how the budget can contribute to inflation.Stephen J. Cohen
This episode explores various types of electrical energy generation, how to compare various forms of energy generation, and which ones are the best for utility size service. Sources are Energy Information Administration, International Journal of Green Energy, and International Energy Agency.Stephen J. Cohen
Gene Reilly, Greenwich Quantitative Research’s Chief Investment Officer, speaks with Leyla Gulen about the various share classes utilized by Chinese companies to gain access to both domestic and international capital marketsGreenwich Quantitative Research
Gene Reilly, Greenwich Quantitative Research’s Chief Investment Officer, speaks with Leyla Gulen about the contrasting performance of Value vs. Growth in the US and Asia over the past 25 yearsGreenwich Quantitative Research
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