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View in HD at . You can use your iPhone's camera for more than just taking photos. Here are some other useful and interesting things you can do with the camera. Third part apps mentioned: Google, WAM: World Around Me, Star Walk 2, PeakFinder, Seeing The Invisible.MacMost
View in HD at . You can autofill cells in Numbers using copy and paste, a special autofill feature, and by simply adding new rows to a well-formed table. With the autofill feature, you can have values increase by 1, or using a pattern.MacMost
View in HD at . By default every time you create a new iMovie Project it just adds on to your one and only iMovie Library. This makes it difficult to manage and archive your iMovie projects over the years. Instead, create a new Library each time you want to start a new project.MacMost
View in HD at . If you want to trim some time from the beginning or end of an audio file, you can quickly and easily do it with built-in macOS apps or free Apple-made apps you can download from the App Store, or a free third-party app. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.MacMost
View in HD at . Quick Look allows you to preview files in the Finder. But you can also do other things with it like rotating and editing images, trimming videos, scroll through documents and select text to copy, view multiple files as an index sheet or slideshow and more.MacMost
View in HD at . While Photos has a lot of adjustment and cropping tools, you can also use your favorite image editor directly with the Photos app. You can choose to edit the photo in an editor and have the results saved back to your library, or you can use an editing extension for even tighter integration. See examples using Affinity Photo and Pixe…
View in HD at . Instead of using the limited title options in iMovie, you can build almost anything you want in Keynote as a presentation. Use text, transitions, builds and animations to make your title sequence. Then export as a video to use in iMovie over a background.MacMost
View in HD at . In Mac Mail you can group messages together by conversation. This can make it easier to see your messages, stop quoted text clutter, and allow you to mute active conversations when you don't need to participate.MacMost
View in HD at . There are many ways to see the battery percentage number on your iPhone with iOS 16. You can put in on your Lock Screen or Home Screen, view it in Settings which includes a detailed chart, get to it in Control Center, or have the percentage always shown in the Status Bar at the top.MacMost
View in HD at . If you like to use Finder tags to organize your files, check out these quick ways to assign and clear tags from selected files. You can use hidden keyboard shortcuts to do it, and also access tags in the Info window, Inspector, or though a special Tags panel.MacMost
View in HD at . There are many better ways to use images in a Page document other than as a plain rectangle. Learn about borders, tinting, shapes, instant alpha, shadows and even using them in charts.MacMost
View in HD at . A new feature in iOS 16 is the ability to easily select only the subject of a photo and drag it to another app or copy and paste it. You can use this to send just the subject of a photo without the background in a message or place it in a layer of an image editing app.MacMost
View in HD at . A big new feature in iOS 16 is the ability to customize your lock screen using photos, colors, emoji and other special styles. You can also add widgets to your lock screen and set Focus modes to change your lock screen automatically at different times.MacMost
View in HD at . You can use Conditional Highlighting in Numbers to make values stand out. You can also use alternatives like formulas in other columns or custom formats. Also learn how to have cells highlight based on the value of a different cell.MacMost
View in HD at . Title Icons, also called Proxy Icons, allow you to drag and drop files directly from their document windows without needing to use the Finder. You can also use them in the Finder to drag the folder you are currently viewing without needing to go up a level.MacMost
View in HD at . With macOS's built-in Universal Clipboard feature you can copy and paste between two Macs, or between Macs, iPhones and iPads. You can use this for text, images, files and more.MacMost
View in HD at . Screens with 1440p resolution are popular, but they are not an ideal screen to use as a primary or secondary display with a Mac. The 2560x1440 resolution is either too small or too big, depending on how you have it set up. A 4K screen is a better option for most Mac users. But if you are stuck with a 1440 screen, there are a few thi…
View in HD at . Even if you don't have an extended keyboard you can still foward delete on a Mac using one of two hidden tricks. You can also delete by word, line, to the start or end of paragraphs and in a variety of different ways.MacMost
View in HD at . Many Mac users have Adobe Reader on their Macs so they can read and fill out PDF files. But macOS already has a very capable PDF app named Preview. Most people will find it more than capable for all of their needs, and perhaps a little faster and convenient. If Adobe Reader is set as your default PDF app, I'll show you how to switch…
View in HD at . The context menu appears when you Control+click, right+click, or two-finger click something on a Mac. Most of the items in a context menu appear depending on what was clicked and which app you are using. But some parts of the context menu can be customized to fit your needs.MacMost
View in HD at . Often people ask me about duplicate photos or files when all they are seeing is two different ways of viewing the same single photo or file. For instance, albums in Photos show the same photos as the Library, and Recents and the Desktop in the Finder show files you can also see elsewhere. It is important to understand why these aren…
View in HD at . If Pivot Tables in Numbers seem intimidating, watch this tutorial to see how easy they are to use. You can get a lot of information without ever needing to using functions or formulas.MacMost
View in HD at . GarageBand is like a box full of musical toys for your iPad or iPhone, and it is free from Apple. Play keyboards and other instruments with your touch screen, record and alter your voice, create beats and drum tracks a variety of different ways, and so much more.MacMost
View in HD at . You can use iMovie titles to add static frame or scrolling credits to the end of your video projects. There are some tricks to being able to edit the text effectively and to add backgrounds and more.MacMost
View in HD at . When you go to save a file it can be frustrating to find the location you want. But there are many things you can do to quickly navigate to your folders in the Save Dialog. You can also use these techniques when saving downloads in your browser.MacMost
View in HD at . You Can't Select Multiple Non-Contiguous Portions Of Text In Mac Pages. But Most Of The Time People Want To Do This It Is To Apply A Style On Those Portions Of Text. Learn How To Do This More Efficiently Using Character Styles In Pages.MacMost
View in HD at . If you notice that the Menu Bar at the top of your screen is missing, it is probably because you are using an app in Full Screen mode. You can customize how this works in System Preferences. You can also use Mission Control and Spaces to have the Menu Bar present for some apps and not others.…
View in HD at . If you have Adobe Creative Cloud installed then every time you start your Mac the Creative Cloud app and a number of big background processes will start automatically. If you don't use Adobe apps every day, you may want to change this so none of it starts until you use your first Adobe app.…
View in HD at . QUickTime Player is a lot more than just a simple video playback app. You can record video too, record and play audio, do some basic editing, grab frames, combine images and much more.MacMost
View in HD at . Learn how your Mac uses memory and makes it seem like you have more memory than you actually do by compressing and swapping memory. Learn what Memory Pressure is and how you can use this measurement to improve performance in extreme situations.MacMost
View in HD at . You can add music to your iMovie project from a file, from iMovie itself, or your Music library. Once in iMovie, you can adjust it, fade, apply effects and more. But be careful when adding music to make sure you take into account copyright.MacMost
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